Bunhole Questions

on 10.13.2015

More questions from members: If someone was to take a scalpel and cut out some ones asshole and suture it closed would it heal shut? Or would a fresh bunhole reform. Just wondering because it sounds perfect for child molesters and Isis members and Obama Zombies. Oh wait, they are already full of shit. Thanks Jay..Siko666 Thanks Siko666 for the question. It really boils down to what is going to happen first. Will they die from their bunholes being sowed shut, so they can't shit. Or will the sutures heal up, and then they die from too much shit. Either way, they die. Sounds too complicated for me though.--Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Couldn’t we just take all the politicians (both Democrats and Republicans) and sew them together to make a human centipede?
posted on: 10-13-15 @ 1:58 PM

buttholes and child molesters is what’s on you’re mind today ...
posted on: 10-13-15 @ 2:47 PM

Stitches would rip from the shit pushing out.
posted on: 10-13-15 @ 2:48 PM

If people could die from too much shit, Ouch would be dead. He is full of shit.
posted on: 10-13-15 @ 3:26 PM

As someone who has had a father die from colon cancer, I can tell you they cut a new asshole on your belly and your butt heals together.
posted on: 10-13-15 @ 3:41 PM

@mrlongshot You know what... If I had feelings they would be hurt
posted on: 10-13-15 @ 5:03 PM

Try it on yourself and let us know .....
posted on: 10-13-15 @ 5:18 PM

I’m sorry bunhole, try bunghole.
posted on: 10-13-15 @ 7:18 PM

posted on: 10-13-15 @ 7:23 PM

If I knew I was going to prison I would rather have a sewed ass than a plug in my ass from big bubba
posted on: 10-13-15 @ 11:46 PM

@siko is a sick fuck!!! Uh, wait, oh, ok... I get it.
posted on: 10-14-15 @ 12:12 AM

I think a Radically Invasive Projectile to the forehead in say .45 caliber should be good enough.
posted on: 10-14-15 @ 1:16 AM

Would it really be a bunghole? A major characteristic is the bagel knot you just cut out. Its a muscle designed to close. If its no longer there, the woods arent the only place that bear will shit.
posted on: 10-14-15 @ 12:49 PM

I don’t know but sounds like they should do it anyway. Hell no matter if they die or not either way it would be fun to watch them in pain for a while or be rid of them once and for all. It’s a win win either way.
posted on: 10-14-15 @ 1:20 PM