Candy Underwear?

on 10.15.2015

Have you ever bought candy underwear and panties? Maybe for your girl, hell maybe even for yourself? If you have, how did that work out for you? Was it sexy, or just some messy fruit rollups? I guess the fun part could be eating it off your chicks ass or something. Now if you got yourself a fat girl, how many fruit rollups is it going to take to cover her fat ass? --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I don’t know, let me ask my wife.
posted on: 10-15-15 @ 8:56 PM

Ok she says 23.
posted on: 10-15-15 @ 8:57 PM

tried them and I will never again. nuff said!!
posted on: 10-15-15 @ 9:24 PM

@danimal69 She told me 25
posted on: 10-15-15 @ 9:25 PM

I use bubble tape gum. Rolls out to about a foot. I use about 30 of them to make a g string for my wifes fat ass
posted on: 10-15-15 @ 9:42 PM

Years ago at the office I overheard a young married woman telling her female co worker about wearing edible undies for her husband to eat off her naked body during sex. Guess it worked for her :-D
posted on: 10-15-15 @ 10:51 PM

The kind of panties that gave Wilfred Brimley the diabetus.
posted on: 10-16-15 @ 1:03 AM

No my my old lady has a blue cheese flavored balloon knot she keeps between her butt cheeks. If I’m good I get to lick it clean.
posted on: 10-16-15 @ 1:15 AM

^^^^^lol, that's fucked up @rooster!
posted on: 10-16-15 @ 6:53 AM

They're crap.... They disintegrate almost immediately and leave sticky patches everywhere that feels gross. Just stick to the eating part (minus the panties) and you'll be good!
posted on: 10-16-15 @ 11:46 AM