Goodbye WMV's

on 10.21.2015

A long long long time ago, we used to have WMV files for videos. Basically, they were for windows media. We actually still give you a WMV file when clicking the download button on a video. Not so much moving forward. The plan is to get all videos into the MP4 format, and only have a hi and low quality. No FLV or WMV formats anymore. I just thought I would share this as a kind of warning to the general public. PS, anyone upset that today didn't work out like Back to the Future planned? --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
You make me want to shoot my computer.
posted on: 10-21-15 @ 1:44 PM

WMV MP4 its all mumbo jumbo to me, all I need to know is will I see it when I click on it
posted on: 10-21-15 @ 1:47 PM

whatever happened to descriptions of pics and videos
posted on: 10-21-15 @ 1:50 PM

lol people dont really care about the formats, all we need is something that plays without any errors and loads quickly, some of your videos takes eternity to load ! they are big, some of your wics are more than 100MB !
posted on: 10-21-15 @ 1:50 PM

Well, I'm pretty much McFly with anything y'all wanna do!
posted on: 10-21-15 @ 2:25 PM

First part: really who cares as long as things work. Second part: not really except maybe the flying cars. I WANT MY FLYING CAR NOW.
posted on: 10-21-15 @ 2:28 PM

I want my hover boarrrrd!
posted on: 10-21-15 @ 4:33 PM

Jay for god sake don’t let it be like the forum updates, were you wiped out all the archives and old content were every one had to start over again.
posted on: 10-21-15 @ 4:38 PM

Jay, you switched for WMVs to MP4s for the better video quality that is only think that I can see the different between the two formats. Luckily I do have a video conversion program on my tablet, I may need a program for my and my mother's laptops. In the future, I just have to remember to send in videos in MP4 format. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 10-21-15 @ 4:58 PM

The book 1984 didn't work out either , so why be surprised
posted on: 10-21-15 @ 5:03 PM

Did Ron kidnap Babbabooey ?
posted on: 10-21-15 @ 7:06 PM

Michel J. Fox is shaken about it to Jay.
posted on: 10-21-15 @ 8:01 PM

I want my MTV!!! BACK!!!
posted on: 10-21-15 @ 8:33 PM

@azzholee. I have never had a prob loading videos.. And I'm on a regular ole smartphone. May wanna check ur signal strength, bandwidth etc.
posted on: 10-21-15 @ 8:35 PM

You just spoke another language as far as I’m concerned. I click it works...Weeeeeeeeeee...I click I doesn’t work I move on to the next...
posted on: 10-21-15 @ 9:03 PM

I never gave a fuck in the past and sure as fuck don’t care about the future
posted on: 10-21-15 @ 9:25 PM

@pickle.. No Ron ate his nuts, raw, caused an infection and @bobba got a tetnus, rabies and herpes shot and he's home resting...
posted on: 10-22-15 @ 12:09 AM

Im just pissed that we still need roads.
posted on: 10-22-15 @ 1:36 AM

What the fuck is back to the future?
posted on: 10-22-15 @ 8:33 AM