Just A Rainy Day

on 10.24.2015

So today has been kinda lame. Suns not out and it's raining, and I feel like shit. What are you fuckers doing this weekend? The rest of my day is going to be trying to relieve this sleepiness and headache....I just woke up 2 hours later and this still isn't posted. take care guys I'm out. --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I believe its time for a job performance evaluation on BigJ... Second weekend in a row there's been some CS slackin! Time to quit puffin on that heavy indica BigJ. Get ya some good uppity haze, sativa herb man..
posted on: 10-24-15 @ 6:18 PM

Tomorrow I will try and build another honey super, I have been meaning to assemble it since I started my failed hive. Also, helping my father fix a broken water pipe. We have to water cut off to that broken pipe. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 10-24-15 @ 6:24 PM

the sun been shining all day and I’ve been digging a huge hole as a rain water soak away, the digger is now stuck in the hole and I have to get the MF out tomorrow...happy days
posted on: 10-24-15 @ 6:52 PM

1-2 cups of coffee or 3-4 Excedrin and you should be great dude just one thing if you go with the Excedrin you will not be able to sleep 4 about 6 hrs. good luck.
posted on: 10-24-15 @ 6:58 PM

@ouch, when u send in WICS to JayD, let us know, so we can rag his ass til he posts..
posted on: 10-24-15 @ 8:02 PM

@sbohica I send it in on my Fridays afternoon like clockwork. I tell you what though, if more people don’t start commenting on them i’ll stop doing it, My swelled up head and ego need the attention and if I don’t get it I am taking my bat and my ball and going home>>>>>>> Screw you guys, I’m going home>>>> Screw you .....Homeeeeeee
posted on: 10-24-15 @ 9:33 PM

Wood for the winter is cut weed has been harvested wine is ready got me a new theater room built new pool table fuck winter I’m going to hunker down like a bear and when I finally come back out spring will be back and all will be well life is good for this red neck
posted on: 10-24-15 @ 9:51 PM

@ouch, allcaps can go fuck itself! Keep up the good work on the WICS bro..
posted on: 10-24-15 @ 10:50 PM

@maddog, do u need me to hold onto a few lbs of those flowers for ya? Maybe make some wax out of it?
posted on: 10-24-15 @ 10:51 PM

I always get a kick out of the tourists who come thru here each year and comment on how bad of a skunk problem we have here because of the strong odor in the air but the dirty little secret they don’t no is what they are smelling is all the shit that’s grown in this part of the country
posted on: 10-25-15 @ 2:24 AM

Cory H.
The first post kinda catches my attention.
posted on: 10-25-15 @ 4:38 AM

Do you live in Texas Big J? Same shit’s happening here.
posted on: 10-25-15 @ 8:13 AM

Playing mr mom today while the wife is at work. Then 4am I'm heading out to Boston for work.
posted on: 10-25-15 @ 9:00 AM

Come on Jay does the WICS have to go up for "review" for you to post it?
posted on: 10-25-15 @ 9:45 AM

@sexyarcee Arkansas
posted on: 10-25-15 @ 1:33 PM