Can They Do It?

on 10.25.2015

So the Pats are 6-0 as of 30 minutes ago, and reporters are starting to talk about the possibility of a no loss season. To the few Patriot fans here do you think they have it this year? If you're not a fan of the patriots who is your team and are they worth a shit this year? --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
WHAT THE MOTHERFUCKIN GODDAMN FUCK!!??!! SCARED THE BLUE GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKIN SHIT OUT OF ME!!!! Oh... Sry y'all. I flipped back from a post and this was here... Thx BigJ! Life is like a box of chocolates and a cooler full of Dr Pepper...
posted on: 10-25-15 @ 9:54 PM

Reason for the six and 0 record the pats play weaker teams come playoff time they will fold like a bad hand but I guess a win is a win I remember a time when the pats couldn’t put together a two win season and as much as I hate tom Brady he is one of the best I wished Atlanta had the fucker but we are stuck with a 150 million dollar bum who signed that contract and now he acts if he has a stick up his ass which means if they make the playoffs they won’t put nothing on the score board again
posted on: 10-25-15 @ 11:59 PM

Ravens. This year is fucked.
posted on: 10-26-15 @ 12:02 AM

I do not follow any NFL teams, so I have no ideal Big Jeff. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 10-26-15 @ 12:29 AM

Fan my whole life, but we won't have a perfect season. Can still win the big one, just can't choke, or let Brady get smothered an entire game. Otherwise, i live in NC now, and the Panthers are killing it too. I don't know. . . .suck a dick
posted on: 10-26-15 @ 1:15 AM

Dallas Cowboys are made of fucking glass this year
posted on: 10-26-15 @ 1:45 AM

Yeah thanks a lot texasses for the Houston oilers poor hillbilly got a dry well
posted on: 10-26-15 @ 2:28 AM

posted on: 10-26-15 @ 3:15 AM

I’m not a pats fan but it looks like Brady got his balls reinflated.
posted on: 10-26-15 @ 8:21 AM

Fuck football and the tax exempt NFL
posted on: 10-26-15 @ 11:35 AM

Miami Dolphins and no they ain’t with shit for many seasons , but we are still the only team to go full season without a loss.
posted on: 10-26-15 @ 12:43 PM