Looking Over My Shoulder

on 11.02.2015

I'm trying not to be paranoid or think about it, but today has be way to laid back for a Monday. I'm not complaining by no means, but I just don't want to be blindsided by any bullshit. How is everyone's day going. Hopefully pretty good too...I know not everyone is a gamer but for the ones who are, who's ready for Fallout 4 and Battlefront 3? I predict a lot of lost days in both of these games for most of the people I know. --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I love the Fallout series, but i think iŽll wait for 4 a few months. Look at New Vegas, tons of solid, matured and stable mods, there is no better time to play it than now.
posted on: 11-02-15 @ 2:03 PM

I'm thinking c.o.d. bo3 Zombies!fucking better be good..
posted on: 11-02-15 @ 2:04 PM

I'm digging the Star Wars battlefront, might have to spring for that. I'll hold on the COD though for now... Don't really have the time anymore for games but it's nice once in awhile to play for an hour when I get the chance
posted on: 11-02-15 @ 2:53 PM

That "No More Repost" game is supposed to b the shit...
posted on: 11-02-15 @ 3:33 PM

@sbohica...that’s to easy for Jeff he would win every time
posted on: 11-02-15 @ 4:33 PM

I still like the Uncharted series better
posted on: 11-02-15 @ 7:18 PM

I am not be feeling good since yesterday evening, so I have been sleeping for most of today. I hope I will feel better tomorrow. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 11-02-15 @ 8:57 PM

Fallout is the shit. I been waiting for them to drop that on xbox one. I played the cod beta. i think they are getting worse and worse with the blk ops and cod games. Flying through the air. now running on walls. Wtf. Halo games are the shit to.
posted on: 11-02-15 @ 9:15 PM