LED Christmas Lights

on 11.23.2015

As you may or may not know, I'm a family man. That means I get to put up a fucking ton of Christmas lights for the enjoyment of my family. The same group of folks that sit inside where it is warm, while I put up said lights outside in the cold. This year, I said fuck it, I'm no longer fucking around with the old school big bulb lights, and bought LED C9 lights. They are a bit weird, but man, I am looking forward to 10 years of never having to fucking mess with them again. Anyone else go LED? --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Yes ... they save a lot of time and money now maybe you can get off your ass and update this shit hole
posted on: 11-23-15 @ 5:07 PM

@corruptedsob and cut into his valuable drinking time? +1 hahahaha
posted on: 11-23-15 @ 5:13 PM

Fuck Christmas. Right in the ass! No lube and chewing on a gag ball.
posted on: 11-23-15 @ 5:15 PM

My family has a ton of the old fashion Christmas lights, interior, that we use for our Christmas tree; also, the old fashion Christmas, tree, lights are good igniters for parachute charges in HIGH POWERED ROCKETRY............ Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 11-23-15 @ 5:19 PM

If I remember correctly, my family does own a short strand of Light Emitting Diodes Christmas tree lights. I can not remember how my family obtained those light Emitting Diode Christmas tree lights.
posted on: 11-23-15 @ 5:25 PM

No lights for me. We get a charlie brown christmas tree lol.
posted on: 11-23-15 @ 5:56 PM

LED is the way to go Clark. Just tell Rusty and Audrey they need to help. I'll be over here emptying the shitter.
posted on: 11-23-15 @ 6:48 PM

fuck Christmas, Christ n the whore that bore him,
posted on: 11-23-15 @ 8:57 PM

One year, in 2005. My fiancee died at 3 am Christmas morning. The same x mas I also got a lump of coal. This is why I began coming to CS in 2007. Looking at corpses. Seeing people die. Looking for the moment their lights went out.. trying to see where they went.. when death occured. ... so I fucking hate Christmas too. Fuck you right in the ass ol saint nick with a pineapple. For fat fuck. I believe the original saint claus took in tired cold hungry whores.
posted on: 11-23-15 @ 9:15 PM

Xmas its mainly for the children hopefully to teach them love, sharing, being with family I’m an old man now all my family is dead its just me in this world This ugly place, but I still have my memorys can’t remember two weeks ago But I can remember all them chirstmases with my family.now with that said I’m going to ask Santa this year for some virgin pussy and I want to get my dick sucked by a woman that can swollow dicks and my. Load, also under my tree or around it ten Islam bitches so I can fuck each one in there asses so I can get shit on my dick and rub it on the Cochran book or whatever they fucking believe in,and then I’m going to feed them fuckers to my gators so fuck Islam and fuck athiests
posted on: 11-23-15 @ 9:49 PM

Jay D.
@bobbabooey thanks, I’m glad you got the reference.
posted on: 11-23-15 @ 11:07 PM

I got it to
posted on: 11-23-15 @ 11:44 PM

By the way. I HAVE NO FB account. Never have, never will... So to whom it may concern...... Ur dead fucking wrong!!!
posted on: 11-24-15 @ 2:01 AM