Rain Rain Go Away

on 11.28.2015

It's been raining for almost 3 days straight. I love rainy days for when I'm trying to sleep like a hibernating bear, but today I'm trying to do shit. Also if you're reading this then you've survived Black Friday 2015. Did any of you participate? If you did what was the craziest shit you saw? I sadly was just working sitting in a cubicle getting yelled at on a telephone. --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Maybe you need to build an ark.
posted on: 11-28-15 @ 4:32 PM

I have been to busy to partisapate in "Black Friday" Big Jeff. I you are wondering what I had done during the event. I suggest you check out yesterday's blog, "Black Friday," and Thursday's blog, "Happy Thanksgiving" for my where abouts those two days. m.crazyshit.com/docus/homepage-rants/2728-black-friday m.crazyshit.com/docus/homepage-rants/2727-happy-thanksgiving Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 11-28-15 @ 5:07 PM

I was having a 3 sum and it was awesome. Love you ouch xoxoxoxoxoxo
posted on: 11-28-15 @ 5:48 PM

Only rained here half the day.
posted on: 11-28-15 @ 7:42 PM

Now I would go to WALLMART on black Friday if they were selling threesomes or a orgy package.
posted on: 11-28-15 @ 8:53 PM

I tried black friday years ago and bailed out cause I thought it was retarded and not worth the effort. I recently am in the middle of moving into a new house and need a TV. So decided to give black friday a try and man did it work out beautifully. I got a 65 inch samsung 4K UHD 3D (and a bunch of other shit) TV that was originally $3000, got it for $1200 at fry’s electronics door buster deal. Long story short, pretty much no one showed LOL, was in line for a half hour got my shit and left LOL it was amazing. while driving back Im looking at the mall and best buy and Im like, what a bunch of fuckin retards!. shit ton of packed cars, lines, cops were there to keep shit organized. I previously looked at best buy friday deals and it wasn’t anything really special. Bunch of sheep run to buy garbage. Thats right I’m a wolf lol. Today my uncle came over and we decided to break in the new tv. I had a shitty copy of the good, the bad, and the ugly he wanted to watch. Now I’m used to a 1080p full HD 3d comb filter blah blah blah, tv cause thats what I had originally for years, so it would have taken quite a bit to impress me. As soon as we started watching, I was amazed. It took this piece of shit quality movie and turned it to gold. My old TV had an upscaler but not of this magnitude. So it all worked out. Luck I guess.
posted on: 11-29-15 @ 12:07 AM

You must of been wearing your lucky rabbits foot congrats.
posted on: 11-29-15 @ 12:57 AM

The only thing I did Friday was wish it was Saturday cause I ate so much and drink so much good times.
posted on: 11-29-15 @ 1:00 AM

I’m going to bed and sleep the sleep of the just. You no some people count sheep to go to sleep I’ll tell you a better way count corn in your shit there’s the ticket to a good nights sleep unless your like old ouch there he be getting all them bitches.peace
posted on: 11-29-15 @ 2:24 AM