Shout Out To Outotown

on 12.15.2015

Hey fuckers! Our very own Outotown is celebrating his birthday today so send out a shout out to him and thank him for his hard work. The last couple WICS where done by him, and Ouch helped him out with the first one. Speaking of Ouch, anyone seen that crazy Aussie? I wonder if he's gone missing or he's just somewhere downunder just having fun outback. --Dave G.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Happy Bday @outotown... Let's hope its not ur last?
posted on: 12-15-15 @ 10:40 AM

Happy birthday and good job on the WICS, keep it up, so to speak!
posted on: 12-15-15 @ 10:52 AM

Two questions for ya, outotown: 1) How old are you today? and 2) Don’t you think it’s high time to toss out that old placenta? I know it makes a good shower cap, but it’s gettin kinda rank by now.
posted on: 12-15-15 @ 11:05 AM

You got till sundown to get outotown. Happy birthday! Ouch said he would be back in two to three weeks. He said so in the comments section after Jay said he was going to dust off his hammer. As far as the truckingman I don’t know what happened to him but I hope he is alright I do know one thing one or two people jacked him pretty hard about his spelling and trying to put sentences together and he even tried to explain it to these people which he shouldn’t have to. I really like the guy a lot and miss hearing from him.
posted on: 12-15-15 @ 11:06 AM

Happy Birthday Outotown! Mine was last week so I know what you been going through with the birthday being close to Christmas and the other holidays.
posted on: 12-15-15 @ 11:20 AM

Thank you guys. @ ludenlasivius I’m 54 today and use the placenta like a football helmet--it dried up years ago. I miss Truckingman too Whobe, he cracks me up. I hope he is okay and just taking a break--I do that from time to time. @uncze9 I get a Christmas wrapped birthday present every year, happy late birthday. I think I should get a massage....
posted on: 12-15-15 @ 11:48 AM

@whobe, the one who gives Robert the most hell is posting today... And every time it happens, I wanna........ Well u know.
posted on: 12-15-15 @ 12:26 PM

Dave G. sure is turning out to be one hell of a Shitter. I still can’t forget that baby video from yesterday. You’re savage as fuck man. And Happy Birthday outotown!
posted on: 12-15-15 @ 1:55 PM

@sexyarcee Yea that was pretty harsh and to bad it wasn’t Hillary getting shaken to hell. But as you know this is Crazy Shit. I really like the way Dave G. has handled the website so far and I hope he sticks around for a while.
posted on: 12-15-15 @ 3:56 PM

To our dear friend and the man who steals my guy away from me at 6 in the morning to hang out on line Mr "outotown" We wish you a Very Happy Birthday young man at heart, May your day be filled with love laughter and if your ticker can handle it a nice sweet juicy peach ;) Love Shanni and ouch xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo
posted on: 12-15-15 @ 4:19 PM

Happy birthday Outotown! Go do something outrageous for your special day.
posted on: 12-15-15 @ 4:31 PM

David G.
Thanks for the feedback @Sexyarcee and Whobe.
posted on: 12-15-15 @ 5:11 PM

Happy birthday ya old fuck ya. Hope you make it to see next year lol. On a serious note. Great work on the wics brother.
posted on: 12-15-15 @ 6:29 PM

Trucking man where are you
posted on: 12-15-15 @ 9:02 PM

Happy BirthDaY OuToToWn :) I hope you get your knob sucked till your eyeballs roll back in ya head and she sucks all the marrow out of your backbone! Hey bitches ouch is not missing, he just decided to give the site an early Xmas present and Bann his own ass for 2 weeks for playing stupid games. I tell you what though, after living in this crazy fucks house for a month I am looking forward to getting back into my own shack so I can raise the roof off that mother fucker stay up all night drinking some Jack Daniels and smoking some weed! This cunt goes to sleep when he gets home from work! LAAAMMMMEEE... Shanni and ouch have been messaging the truckingman trying to get a hold of him and they will keep you up to date about his whereabouts as soon as they know something. Later Bitches Quacka
posted on: 12-15-15 @ 9:09 PM

Cory H.
Happy Birthday.
posted on: 12-15-15 @ 10:50 PM