Getting Ready For The Holidays

on 12.19.2015

I know for most people they loathe the holidays because of family bullshit. I do as well, but not being able to go home for a holiday in years it will be a nice pain to experience again. Are you shitters ready, or are you like me still needing to buy gifts for everyone? I'm thinking about going with the safe oldie but goldie, Money in a envelope. --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Holiday traveling means holiday accidents which means entertainment for us! No one to buy a gift for so this Christmas money belongs to me
posted on: 12-19-15 @ 6:10 PM

I have 2 places to be on christmas. Local so it's not to bad. I haven't gotten shit yet. i need to go shopping asap. I work to fuckin much to do anything.
posted on: 12-19-15 @ 6:18 PM

Do it here a CS @nybadguy!!! I'm sure ur nieces and/or nephews wud love a CS shirt... I believe, for a limited time only and an extra $10, u can have "Gooday' Mate" put on the back. What better way to represent the best of the PG..
posted on: 12-19-15 @ 8:11 PM

Sometime, when you are thinking about how much hassle Christmas is, imagine having to be half way around the world in a war zone, and wishing you could be at home with your weird family. There are thousands of soldiers gone now, wishing they were worried about what to get for Aunt Lizzie. I did this twice, and I hated it.
posted on: 12-19-15 @ 8:47 PM

@sbohica @sbohica damn
posted on: 12-20-15 @ 3:12 AM

I sent some money to gofundme.com SSgt William Bee Recovery Fund. That`s my Christmas gift.
posted on: 12-20-15 @ 4:03 AM

@sbohica haha. No nephew's or nieces bro. I was the only child raised by a single mother. Pops was a ruin head. Good idea thoe. +1
posted on: 12-20-15 @ 8:31 AM