Comcast Sucks!

on 12.21.2015

Over the past few weeks, While I'm doing the crazyshit updates. I have had comcast go out and leave me hanging. Lucky for me it always comes back in 20 minutes and I still finish on time. Not today though. These fuckers told me they're down and eta wasn't till 11am. It was down till past noon central time. I have nothing but problems with comcast. In other words. I just want to say fuck you comcast! --Dave G.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Rage with the machine DaveG. Your doing a great job anyway!!! Tell @wardo to go fuck Comcast rite in the asshole.
posted on: 12-21-15 @ 1:49 PM

I dropped those assholes three years ago. When my cable bill starts to rival my car payments, there needs to be a change. All the cars are paid off and I’ve just got internet.
posted on: 12-21-15 @ 2:29 PM

All cable sux. 1000 channels and always reruns and shitty movies.
posted on: 12-21-15 @ 4:50 PM

Only thing worst than comcast is fucking USPS
posted on: 12-21-15 @ 4:52 PM

Took them almost 1 year of coming out over and over before they fixed my connection problems. They replaced everything and it ended up being an old filter on the pole that was outdated and not supposed to be there.
posted on: 12-21-15 @ 5:31 PM

I steal my cable so I’m very happy.
posted on: 12-21-15 @ 9:44 PM

I do get cable free but I hardly ever watch it my TV stays on me TV Chanel right now McCloud on Colombo and Andy Griffith show,I guess I live in the past,when I was a kid all my family was living,these shows were what we had and they were free to watch,TV today ain’t even funny fucking suck when’s the last time you watched a program that’s new that made you laugh made you feel good,like the Andy Griffith show,you haven’t and I’m not going to pay ton money for worthless shit TV fucking actors today making million dollars show fuck em,damn two am night gallery coming on and twilight zone guess I’ll watch them smoke me one and enjoy real free TV so good night good morning and a ho ho ho merry Xmas peace friends oh bite me.
posted on: 12-22-15 @ 1:42 AM

Cuntcast strikes again!
posted on: 12-22-15 @ 2:13 AM