Las Vegas Driver

on 12.22.2015

Anyone catch the news on the Las Vegas driver? Sounds to me like she is bat shit crazy. I don't know why the they aren't releasing anymore info on the incident. What do you think her motive was? Did she join the muslim religion or was she high on drugs? --Dave G.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
If she smoked what I jus did, she was prob having trouble keeping her eyes open... Blame it on the INDICA!!
posted on: 12-22-15 @ 1:38 PM

^^^^^Nice!!! ALR, be up blazin with the chill, puffin down with the Kola butt...
posted on: 12-22-15 @ 1:48 PM

She is black so the news keeps it quiet...
posted on: 12-22-15 @ 1:52 PM

update !!! what happened ??
posted on: 12-22-15 @ 2:56 PM

I love how she claims she was in town to do some modeling work. What the fuck was she a model for, Proactiv?
posted on: 12-22-15 @ 3:09 PM

Legally, she'll be fine. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?
posted on: 12-22-15 @ 5:42 PM

No explanation required, just another typical chimpanzee tantrum.
posted on: 12-22-15 @ 6:00 PM

She will claim it was that time of the month puss bleeding and they will put her back in the wild!
posted on: 12-22-15 @ 7:48 PM

They should take that fucking black retard out in the middle of the street and give that bitch some sword to the back of the head these fucking niggers has got it in there heads that the world owes them something,I believe the cops no this and they are doing there best to pay them back so I say keep on keeping on my black little mongrels doing your stupid fucking shit and I hope to see more cop killings on here in the future paying you motherfuckers back
posted on: 12-22-15 @ 10:05 PM

Fucking grow up you fucking black bastards act white and you will be ole right!!!!
posted on: 12-22-15 @ 10:13 PM

Stop being black and get off the crack!!!!
posted on: 12-22-15 @ 10:16 PM

...and she was from Oregon. Yea...
posted on: 12-22-15 @ 11:22 PM