Are You PC Bruh?

on 12.28.2015

Lately, while I have time to catch up on news I do it online and it never fails. News articles are bombarded by commenters trying to make everything political. It seems today's generation, the millennials biggest thing is being politically correct. What's happened to having balls. From social justice warriors, feminists, to vegans. My guess it's the lack of proper nutrition on a vegan diet to sustain proper brain function. Maybe I'm just getting old, but seems me the problem starts in college with bullshit courses like gender studies and pseudosciences being taught now. --Dave G.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
You been watching South park by any chance Bruh? do I need to Check ya privilege?
posted on: 12-28-15 @ 7:00 AM

I consider myself pretty liberal but I think the main reason why political correctness has become so rampant is because of the environments on American university campuses. Originally people wanted to be politically correct to stand up for minorities and/or oppressed groups that had been marginalized or denied admission at many universities for years. Colleges were supposed to be places where students could go in open minded and expect to absorb a diverse array of ideas or opinions regardless of whether a student agrees or disagrees with those ideas. Now, however, students go into universities with closed minds, regardless of political affiliations, and expect professors to protect their ideas rather than attempt to expose them to new ideas. Instead of confronting controversial issues head-on students and professors, the latter fearing being fired and the former fearing being ostracized, simply duck them or label them as "off-limits." As a result, when these students enter the real world, they react so poorly to opposing ideas largely because the place which was supposed to open their minds has in fact coddled them and in turn rendered them infallible in their own minds. When it comes to PC, we should see these annoying people on the internet as a symptom of a larger problem instead of the problem itself because really they don’t know any better.
posted on: 12-28-15 @ 10:39 AM

bruins79 1000+ man
posted on: 12-28-15 @ 12:58 PM

Its simple.. Nobody gives 2 fucks anymore. Live for me, do for me, fuck everyone else.
posted on: 12-28-15 @ 1:26 PM

vote hillary if you like the p.c. bullshit
posted on: 12-28-15 @ 1:51 PM

The PC movement has made these sissy, candy ass, jerk off pussies, into oversensitive, whinny cunts.
posted on: 12-28-15 @ 1:56 PM

@bruins72 This guy. You said it all
posted on: 12-28-15 @ 2:15 PM

I think one of the problems with people nowadays is that nobody cares about anything and some people care too much about themselves.
posted on: 12-28-15 @ 2:16 PM

I’m their arch enemy; a constitutionalist.
posted on: 12-28-15 @ 6:30 PM

I hate people and love animals. People are to fucking needy. You give them your hand and they take your arm.
posted on: 12-28-15 @ 7:26 PM

I care about my dick anytime my dick is in some bitches mouth I care about my dick cause you never no when a whore is going to chomp down on that thing so I care and I care about that whore sucking my dick if she bites I pull her teeth beat her ass but if she sucks like a good bitch I give her a twenty yes I care.about my dick!
posted on: 12-29-15 @ 1:46 AM

As for going to college with all them fresh young ideas you see what happen at Kent back in the day colleges called out the national guard and they shot there fucking idea asses america the free?
posted on: 12-29-15 @ 1:55 AM

I’m going to bed been a slow day stayed straight as for the Dave g comment above about people with no balls I got balls I got balls big as grapefruit that’s why I’m getting on to bed so I can relieve them I know I’m going to catch hell on that remark above but fuck it I’ve lived a lot longer than most of you people on here and I remember when a person could walk down any street and not worry about getting shot by some cop who didn’t get LAYED the night before or some so called homeland security kicking down my door and taking me and my family away because of some remark I made drunk on this site and you people
posted on: 12-29-15 @ 3:14 AM

I feel sorry for everybody. That’s what they’re doing in jesus
posted on: 12-29-15 @ 12:07 PM