The Holiday Dilemma

on 01.03.2016

Over the holidays it's normal to have a ridiculous amount of left overs. Well I think I'm good on ham for a few fucking weeks. There's no way I can eat all of this shit before it goes bad so I have to get rid of it. Luckily for me I have a few heavy hitters that come over time to time maybe I can pawn off a few pounds off too. Any of you have that issue? I know I can't be the only one with a Grandma that forces you to walk out with left overs. --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I went to nj for the holiday so there was no way i was bringing food back with me.
posted on: 01-03-16 @ 4:39 PM

Put smaller usable portions in zip lock bags (freezer bags) and freeze them for another day. When you get a craving thaw out and heat up one of the smaller portions and enjoy a home cooked meal in less than 10 minutes any day of the week.
posted on: 01-03-16 @ 4:40 PM

Ham went on sale the day after Christmas. Looks like I’ll be making a fuckton of sandwiches for the next few weeks.
posted on: 01-03-16 @ 5:27 PM

With 3 of our own and four fosters and all of them adults and visiting with their partners in life we did just enough for everyone with a few easy meals for the next 2 days for the wife and I. So it’s Back to normal pretty much straight away.
posted on: 01-03-16 @ 5:42 PM

I ate pussy on Xmas morning can’t bag that shit up so I put pants on it and will eat it the rest of the year.
posted on: 01-03-16 @ 8:45 PM

Woke up new years day thought I was going to die so I haven’t had a drink since then they say every thing tastes better smells better when you slack on drinking I ain’t seen it pussy still tastes like pussy and that damn cat shit still smells like cat shit I will give it one more day and if pussy still tastes like pussy and cat shit still smells like cat shit its back on the bottle and bud fuck milk and cookies.
posted on: 01-03-16 @ 11:51 PM

@happyjack....... Only the ones that feel gifted waste food.
posted on: 01-04-16 @ 11:43 AM

@happyjack lol I get what you’re saying because I do that, but you don’t understand how much damn ham I have...I got rid of my extra already I gave it to a few friends that have small families
posted on: 01-04-16 @ 5:37 PM