Women Are Hornier Than Men

on 01.06.2016

Ever since I was growing up I noticed women are hornier than men. In my teen years I was hit on girls in their early twenties. I was even offered $20 and free beer to strip for fat girls party and was hit on by several cougars in my early twenties. We men get crazy at stripper parties but women go farther and some end up performing oral sex on them. Who do you guys think is the hornier sex, and would it be wrong to sleep with your daughters 18 year old friends? --Dave G.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Yup. Yup. And NO to answer ur question. And it appears that you and I have led quite similar lives Dave. I've learned over the years that cougars are WAY more fun than young bitches. They are very direct about what they want from a man. Young girls are all about the drama. Cougars are like a fine wine... Aged to perfection
posted on: 01-06-16 @ 5:28 PM

Very much agree on cougars @cyberbu11y. They don’t pretend to be shy about it or beat around the bush. Cougars tell you sucking that sausage makes them wet tell you to fuck them like you mean it.
posted on: 01-06-16 @ 5:40 PM

Young chicks act stupid and are emotional train wrecks that get possessive. Now an older woman just wants to laugh and be complimented and fucked like a dog.
posted on: 01-06-16 @ 7:11 PM

I got hit on when I was 14 15 and 16 from 19 and 20 year old girls no complaints here. Now I get hit on by 60 and 70 year old grannys but I have been married for 41 years and I ain’t screwing around. I got a 40 year old that keeps hitting on me but she is married and I’m not even going there.
posted on: 01-06-16 @ 8:16 PM

@whobe. 41 year's. What's the secret brother? I been married 4 year's so far. I inherited 2 daughters. plus my 2 daughters Add that up haha.
posted on: 01-06-16 @ 9:54 PM

That's awesome @whobe!!! U have my respect. Hope y'all are happy and keep on truckin!
posted on: 01-06-16 @ 11:14 PM