Rape Atttacks In Germany

on 01.07.2016

New years celebrations turned out ugly in Germany. A bunch of refugees decided to harass, rob, assault and rape a bunch of women What gets me is how the media where quiet about the situation for days on deciding how to report this. Of course the progressives are avoiding the use of the words refugee or Muslim. You lend someone a hand and they take your arm. I wonder how Obama is feeling about bringing in some refugees into the states. --Dave G.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Obama could care less. His Muslim guard wouldn’t let a refugee within 100 yards of him.
posted on: 01-07-16 @ 1:27 PM

It must have been a pretty bad atttack for them to wait so long to tell us about it :)
posted on: 01-07-16 @ 1:34 PM

Not sure over there, but here they were talking about it soon after the events.
posted on: 01-07-16 @ 1:58 PM

Obama should be made to adopt 5 or 6 of them before he allows any more of them in to our country.
posted on: 01-07-16 @ 2:02 PM

Obama would like to join them if he could. Would be the first good pussy (or cock) he’s gotten in a while.
posted on: 01-07-16 @ 2:13 PM

Take his body guards weapons away then see how he feels about letting them in.
posted on: 01-07-16 @ 3:29 PM

Next we will see Obama and Hillary holding up a banner that says "Muslim Lives Matter." Fucktards.
posted on: 01-07-16 @ 4:26 PM

Oh... I thought this was another discussion about how WWII got started
posted on: 01-07-16 @ 4:28 PM

I wonder if Breakfastblunt still feels the same as he did a month ago??? m.crazyshit.com/cnt/medias/49460-refugee-protest
posted on: 01-07-16 @ 5:19 PM

Probably not the smartest thing (business wise) to allow political commentary by who ever the fuck Dave G. is. Okay to have an opinion but Im sure that a few of the sponsors that Jay needs to keep this site vibrant would probably feel different. Just saying...
posted on: 01-07-16 @ 5:55 PM

^^^^^WTF?? Jay's sponsors are sites like "Big Black Dicks Little White Chicks" or "She Fucks Donkies Dot Com" Do they really have the right to say what is PC or not? Lol ...And you ask who Dave G is?? Somebody get this bum pistolero out of my face.
posted on: 01-07-16 @ 6:30 PM

Be careful @happy! At least 6 of them now.
posted on: 01-07-16 @ 6:55 PM

Maybe Obama can hire one of these guys to look after his daughters, then he’ll change his tune real quick.
posted on: 01-07-16 @ 6:57 PM

Brace yourselves Crazyshiter's .... it only gets worse
posted on: 01-07-16 @ 7:05 PM

Do you hear that flushing sound?
posted on: 01-07-16 @ 7:42 PM

Bill Cosby wasn't in Germany for the new year was he?
posted on: 01-07-16 @ 8:42 PM

Why are the Germans mad they only raped there goats
posted on: 01-07-16 @ 10:32 PM