Houston Mall Terrorist

on 01.14.2016

You can't feel safe in popular places anymore. A terrorist suspect named Omar Al Hardan, was arrested for allegedly discussing putting bombs in Houston's Galleria and Sharpstown malls. Thankfully nothing happened so I'm sure we don't have to worry about ilovekitty. Also it was nice hearing from truckingman again, welcome back dude! You're back just in time to enjoy a lovely set of user boobs from Caitlin. --Dave G.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I have my lifetime hunting license, I’m just waiting for the season to open.
posted on: 01-14-16 @ 10:52 AM

Come on Abott, declare open season on these fucks. Texas can fix this problem.
posted on: 01-14-16 @ 10:57 AM

Send him to Minnesota.
posted on: 01-14-16 @ 11:04 AM

The Galleria is a popular "richman’s" mall, the Sharpstown mall was actually renamed Plaza Americas. So yeah, you guessed it, alot of Mexicans and other hispanics. but those fuckers got caught, so we are still selling cups of corn and gorditas at Plaza America.
posted on: 01-14-16 @ 11:49 AM

Sharpstown is a fucking dump.
posted on: 01-14-16 @ 12:03 PM

^^ It Is I was living near 59 by chimney rock area for a while.
posted on: 01-14-16 @ 12:17 PM

That's cool... around Bissonnet and 59 Is hooker headquarters. They walk the streets in packs.
posted on: 01-14-16 @ 12:47 PM

Just do what we all did when the IRA was doing their shit, carry on working, drinking, partying, eating out etc and don`t give a shit! Fuck em if you get scared the bad guys win.
posted on: 01-14-16 @ 1:11 PM

^^^ well said
posted on: 01-14-16 @ 2:11 PM

@dave g.. get a chat room goin fucker !!!!
posted on: 01-14-16 @ 2:48 PM

Welcome back Truckingman!
posted on: 01-14-16 @ 3:09 PM

@wifebeater we have one going ouch has the link. I keep losing it. post it for again Ouch!
posted on: 01-14-16 @ 3:51 PM

posted on: 01-14-16 @ 5:08 PM

It is good to be back communicating with of you my friends. I just had to take some time away for my uncle's death. I am glad to for your support through out these last few months as my uncle's condition deteriorted until his untimely death. Also, it is hard to go any where without a chance of a terrorist attack happening within your vicinity let alone ISIS or an outside terrorists, we have "Home Grown" terrorists that are worrisome to our country. Your friend, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 01-14-16 @ 6:06 PM

Right on.
posted on: 01-14-16 @ 10:46 PM

Another day has passed didn’t when the lottery got two out of six just four away from winning a big head ache a while back I came into some money god what a night made all my friends suddenly came down with A case of problems and there problems were suddenly my problems its what happens when you got money you want to help but damn the more I gave the more they wanted and when I finally got the nuts to say no my friends of thirty years were no more so if any of you fuckers out there ever come into a windfall be ready to either support your friends for the REST of your life or lose them for another bunch of fuckers that will fuck you over I guess that’s why rich people travel all the time its cheaper than staying home with friends good night fuckers peace.
posted on: 01-15-16 @ 2:11 AM