Chinese Roadkill Buffet

on 01.25.2016

It was a nice weekend fuckers and I mostly ate microwave food. I'm glad because I usually go to a local Chinese buffet place on the weekends. When I saw on the news that some Asian restaurants maybe serving roadkill I almost lost my lunch. What are your serious thoughts on the issue? Also I'm suffering from insomnia and can only stay asleep for 2 hours at a time. It starts off with wet dreams about me having a threesome with two hotties then I'm traded in for a hipster douchebag, hence the early posts. Anyone know a number for a decent psychiatrist or at least a cheap escort? --Dave G.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Call 1900BigJeff. Once you call that number you will feel better about yourself :) Smoke some weed bro and chill. My plant is not 6 feet tall and climbing everyday.
posted on: 01-25-16 @ 7:04 AM

Try taking 5htp and GABA or 7 blossom tea
posted on: 01-25-16 @ 8:03 AM

Roadkill? As long as they get it before the Sun comes up you should be good to go.
posted on: 01-25-16 @ 9:14 AM

You suffer from closetitis. As soon as you come out of the closet and accept that you’re gay, You will sleep with a dick in your mouth.
posted on: 01-25-16 @ 10:02 AM

I see you still have hope kitty. You’ll have better luck with Adam loco. I’m sure wardo will go out with u men
posted on: 01-25-16 @ 11:11 AM

You and that hipster douche can fuck a chick each, then swap them, problem solved.
posted on: 01-25-16 @ 2:11 PM

posted on: 01-25-16 @ 2:27 PM

Taint the first time, won’t be the last....
posted on: 01-25-16 @ 2:31 PM

@longhungwong The Chinese joint near my house got a health dept. visit and they found a cat in the frig. Bad for business, the place sold but never recovered. This might help with the sleep issue...houston.backpage.com/BodyRubs/beautiful-latin-babe-outcallandincall-available-morningandnight-calls/29241368
posted on: 01-25-16 @ 3:45 PM

lol nice @outotown
posted on: 01-25-16 @ 3:57 PM

i’m all for road kill...its free
posted on: 01-25-16 @ 4:05 PM

^actually it's 8.99. But it comes with an egg roll
posted on: 01-25-16 @ 4:09 PM

Happy Australia day CuNtS
posted on: 01-25-16 @ 6:34 PM

Do you live in the North Florida area near Lake City Fl. Dave? Inquiring to help you out my friend, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 01-25-16 @ 6:38 PM

Also, if the 'road kill' has been freshly killed and not to badly damaged, you can consume its' meat. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 01-25-16 @ 6:41 PM

Staying in Texas at the time Rob.
posted on: 01-25-16 @ 6:47 PM

@outoftown never do incall,brethren. The girl could have some cut- throat nigga underneath the bed, in the closet, or hiding in the tub in the bathroom, waiting to hop out when you're naked and vulnerable to strong arm you. Always do outcall. If the girl wants to get on some fuck shit, then at least you're in your home and have the home field advantage. If you're crazy enough to invite an escort into your house, then be crazy enough to keep weaponry stashed in your crib just in case because you never know. But hey, like the homies say:"life's a risk, see. Fuck it!" De Volada...
posted on: 01-25-16 @ 6:48 PM

For sleep, chew 5 30mg Oxycodone tablets and chase it with two fingers of bourbon. You’ll sleep very well.
posted on: 01-25-16 @ 6:59 PM

That restaurant is literally less than 2 miles from my house. I have eaten there a couple of times (not recently and never again) but their story is that they found it and were butchering it for their own personal use and not to serve to the public but I'm not sure I believe them. I'm not eating at any of those little chinese restaurants ever again. They're all just too shady for me.
posted on: 01-26-16 @ 12:11 AM

Bro, rub one out right before you go to bed. Also take some melatonin.
posted on: 01-26-16 @ 2:27 AM