New X-Files

on 01.28.2016

I've been waiting for the the new X-Files show to start again. I'm not even sure if it has since I've been a bit busy. Mostly because I used to fap to Scully when I was younger. She's not as hot as she used to be but I guess she's still doable. Anyone else going to be watching the show? --Dave G.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
You are right Skully fuck doesn’t look as good as she use to looks like she has been doing some hard partying. The first episode was very good.
posted on: 01-28-16 @ 10:00 AM

I'll check it out
posted on: 01-28-16 @ 10:58 AM

Add two X to the title and I’ll be watching it for sure.
posted on: 01-28-16 @ 11:41 AM

U know she’s a dyke, right? Not that it would stop you
posted on: 01-28-16 @ 4:04 PM

X files no x rated yes
posted on: 01-28-16 @ 6:17 PM

@Wardo Is Scully a dyke, or is Gillian Anderson?
posted on: 01-28-16 @ 6:17 PM

The first and second episode have been great can’t wait for the others.I love the X-Files, total "fan boy"
posted on: 01-28-16 @ 6:24 PM

I’ve been anal probed
posted on: 01-28-16 @ 9:07 PM

I did not know that X-Files was returning to the airwaves. I used to watch the show sporadically about in the late nineties. I have not seen the show or the movies since that time. Will it follow the same basic story line? Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 01-28-16 @ 10:17 PM

@truckingman, I've only seen Monday's. Seems to be similar to the old format
posted on: 01-28-16 @ 11:12 PM

Yeah Dave! Me too man. I would totally Scully fuck her.
posted on: 01-29-16 @ 1:14 AM

I don’t give two shits how old Gillian Anderson is now I would STILL bend her over my sofa and eat her ass like a starving retard on bath salts.
posted on: 01-29-16 @ 11:04 AM

@truckingman.... I’m an old fuck like you, but you keep up with the technology and hopefully your health better than me. I recommend........Rucka Rucka I don’t like white people on You Tube. Sincerely, Sir, Noble Knight Valentour
posted on: 01-29-16 @ 12:44 PM