Snorting Cum

on 02.03.2016

I had a nice video for you guys where a girl snorts cum like it's cocaine. Its not the video I just linked it was even better. She cut it up with a credit card and snorted it up like it was cocaine all while topless. Then It was even more what the fuck because it turns out she was doing it to impress two scrawny young punks who looked even younger than her. She barely looked 18 and I expected she was at least doing it for some rich ass motherfucker. I will never understand women. What is fucked up is that in the middle of my download it got deleted off my source and I can't find it anywere else and its fucking up my week. --Dave G.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Did you get caught midstroke Dave?
posted on: 02-03-16 @ 1:46 PM

I plead the fifth damned it. I know my rights @vikingshill
posted on: 02-03-16 @ 1:49 PM

And my ex-wife PROMISED she wouldn’t post the video on the Internet. Well, if you like it so much I guess we’ll just have to re-shoot the video (pun intended).
posted on: 02-03-16 @ 2:51 PM

Ok Dave... There are some sexual content that I wish DID NOT EXIST on the World Wide Web... Sadly, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 02-03-16 @ 5:27 PM

I would rather watch that guy getting shot in the face then watch a chick snorting cum.
posted on: 02-03-16 @ 6:20 PM

Snorting cum does nothing for me. Send her over here and I'll prove it.
posted on: 02-03-16 @ 7:35 PM

It's not mine. I want dna test.
posted on: 02-03-16 @ 9:18 PM

Snuff porn.
posted on: 02-04-16 @ 2:25 AM

For god's sake toy have to find it! I believe on u
posted on: 02-04-16 @ 3:32 AM

Adam invented the process.
posted on: 02-04-16 @ 4:46 PM

I think all cum shooting on the face, tits, feet is all nasty shit. Cum belongs in a girls pussy, mouth or ass. Or a paper towel. If it wasn’t for their pussy, mouth or ass the only thing a young woman would be good for is an occasional hand job.
posted on: 02-05-16 @ 8:36 AM