Happy Birthday Dave

on 02.05.2016

Happy Birthday Dave! Or feliz cumpleaños to my homie! We have only know each other for a few short months and yet I feel a strong connection to my Aztec brother in law. He is right on time with updates and Johnny on the spot when it comes to current events and titties. I only wish I could be there for your birthday, and to pass out as late as possible for your birthday drinking fest. Only to be waken by the rustle of hot Mexican ass (possibly your relatives) in the AM. Then we could sit on the porch to drink mas cerveza for the rest of the afternoon. --Jay D.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Happy Birthday Dave!
posted on: 02-05-16 @ 7:20 PM

Dave Happy Birthday My Friend!!!!!! Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 02-05-16 @ 7:40 PM

Happy Bday LonghungDaveG!!!
posted on: 02-05-16 @ 8:13 PM

Haha! thanks Jay and everyone!
posted on: 02-05-16 @ 8:14 PM

Hippy bird day, man
posted on: 02-05-16 @ 8:22 PM

its only a matter of time before time says fuck you and you start shrinking
posted on: 02-05-16 @ 8:57 PM

Happy birthday brother dave. Have a safe night and make sure you wear a jimmy hat. Last thing we need is more mexicans in this country. Just kidding i love you wetbacks lol
posted on: 02-05-16 @ 9:13 PM

Oooh Dave G. Happy Birthday and with that in mind here is a little diddy for you. Enjoy No somos extraños de amor Sabes las reglas, y yo también Una devoción es que penso de No recibires eso de otros hombres Sólo quiero decir como siento Sabes tú debes comprender Nunca voy abandonarte Nunca voy a fallarte Nunca voy a correr o desertarte Nunca voy hacerte llorar Nunca voy decir adios Nunca voy a mentir o ofenderte
posted on: 02-05-16 @ 9:19 PM

@ ouch , stop stalking the beaner
posted on: 02-05-16 @ 9:57 PM

Happy new year,,,, fuck head!!
posted on: 02-05-16 @ 10:16 PM

Happy Birthday Dave! Ouch, + 1000000 for that pic. I seriously just pissed my pants a little.
posted on: 02-06-16 @ 1:27 AM

Happy birthday Dave! Go do something outrageous for your special day.
posted on: 02-06-16 @ 2:38 PM

What's a matter dave. Got a hangover? Hair of the dog bitch. Get the post's up pussy. Haha
posted on: 02-06-16 @ 2:41 PM

Merry xmas davy hows it feel to be one year closer to wearing diapers again grey hair death
posted on: 02-06-16 @ 3:04 PM

lol sucks like hell at @rifleman. yeah hang over its pretty bad @nybadguy luckily is Jeffs turn. Thanks myke and everyone. @ouch lol thats that Kate poem to el chapo funny shit
posted on: 02-06-16 @ 6:27 PM