Phone Call

on 02.08.2016

I got an interesting phone call for my birthday. From an old friend of the family. I won't give too much detail for anonymous purposes of course. I wish I would have known better when I was younger but when I was younger this hot lady used to baby sit me, then she was my barber for a while. Hot milf with big boobs. Last time she gave me haircut I was 19. At the time I had poison ivy on my arm and kept scratching it and she thought I was masturbating under the hair cover thing. She confessed to getting hot and bothered but didn't act on it since I had just got married at the time. That explains why she was laughing when she pulled that cover off me and saw I was scratching my arm. --Dave G.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Pretty cool she came forward and have you a "Heads Up." ;)
posted on: 02-08-16 @ 8:07 AM

Take her to pound town
posted on: 02-08-16 @ 8:15 AM

wont give us to much detail. You gave us all the details bro. Have her send in those big milf boobs.
posted on: 02-08-16 @ 10:38 AM

Dave time to give her such a hard banging that her knees are clanging.
posted on: 02-08-16 @ 10:44 AM

I think she has a birthday present for you, you lucky birthday boy.
posted on: 02-08-16 @ 11:43 AM

we’ve all been there done that...it comes under "missed opportunity"
posted on: 02-08-16 @ 12:52 PM

Big Milf bOObs. You have my attention Sir!
posted on: 02-08-16 @ 5:45 PM

I eat pussy i fuck pussy i buy pussy i jack off and when im on a roll i shit every day
posted on: 02-08-16 @ 6:12 PM

Dave g why cant i view any of your videos on here each time i push play it says cannot play.so what the fuck
posted on: 02-08-16 @ 6:17 PM

That’s odd @rifleman anyone else having issues?
posted on: 02-08-16 @ 6:22 PM

Keeps saying sorry cannot play this video ive had this tablet two years first year i was able to view your videos but the start of second year i got cut off also having trouble viewing videos on kaotic sight all except bestgore i can view videos there im on a kindle fire hd tablet.
posted on: 02-08-16 @ 6:51 PM

Sounds like a problem with the browser man. try installing firefox on and test the site with that
posted on: 02-08-16 @ 7:25 PM

I really do not know what to say about your predicament Dave. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 02-08-16 @ 7:43 PM

You should get some poison ivy on your junk and go for a haircut.
posted on: 02-09-16 @ 1:29 AM

Last time i was scratching something in front of a woman she yelled at me and said get the fuck out and go see a fucking doctor!!! You nasty bastard got no pussy and i left scratching my head and my balls.give me a break i was young and dumb then.16 with the crabs so dumb when the doctor told me i had them i was so happy all i wanted to do was runn home tell my mom and have her prepare them with some fish and fries
posted on: 02-09-16 @ 7:51 AM