Happy Valentines Day Shitters

on 02.14.2016

I hope you guys all have someone to snuggle up to, and have a good day. How about all you fuckers get us some CS cladded titties and asses submitted while she's in that loving spirit. So get her hopped up on love juices(hopefully not of the Bill Cosby type) and send us them pictures. --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Happy mothers day Big Jeff.... To the biggest MOTHER I know! lol Why would anyone send in CS user bOObs to Cs anymore when all the little nasty fuckers come out of the wood work to put them down? By the way I’ve seen your MOOBS and maybe you should post :)
posted on: 02-14-16 @ 5:56 PM

Last night I drank some real Russian vodka not that so called imported shit so today the only thing I’m hugging is my commode and a bottle of aspirin damn and I thought I was a pro drinker haven’t felt this bad in forty years.
posted on: 02-14-16 @ 6:27 PM

I am just sitting at the home I share with my family and at this moment, I am logged onto our website CraryShit. I hope all of you have had a spectaculer day with your loved one(s). Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 02-14-16 @ 7:08 PM

I didn't get the wife shit. Not even a card. That's what happens when i have to sleep on the couch and make my own sandwiches. She cried when i walked in the door with a 12 of heinekens and ez-wider's. I don't get mad baby. I get even. Because I'm a spiteful MF.
posted on: 02-14-16 @ 7:14 PM