Its Hump Day

on 02.17.2016

Yep, Its hump day and I'm horny so I couldn't sleep hence all the sexual content today. Even the gore pic involving a bullfighter being impaled involved some penetration. So now that my work is done I will go fap one out and try to get some sleep while I stare today's slut pic. --Dave G.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
CS was down for me yesterday, now is back but no avatars. nice early post Dave, sleep well
posted on: 02-17-16 @ 5:43 AM

No avatars here too...weird
posted on: 02-17-16 @ 6:14 AM

I thought it was my phone from all the porn. No avi's. Or pictures for the post's. Yesterday it took a few tries to sign in.
posted on: 02-17-16 @ 6:51 AM

Thank god (and I do mean Allah) for backpage
posted on: 02-17-16 @ 7:12 AM

Same, daveG cud hide anything behind the blackness.
posted on: 02-17-16 @ 11:04 AM

Should have used the camel pice today.
posted on: 02-17-16 @ 11:39 AM

the pedophile pope is in town today .. hope someone fucks him with a 50 cal
posted on: 02-17-16 @ 2:46 PM

You fap? What about a video of it, mister Talking without proof...
posted on: 02-17-16 @ 4:28 PM

I do hope you get some rest Dave. I am concerned about your health. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 02-17-16 @ 5:28 PM

Fucked up tonight I ran out of jack off cream no butter no cooking oil and I smoked a joint and started to beat off and my mouth was to dry no fucking spit,dick hard and nothing to lube to so I beat off dry mother fucking junk raw as hamburger.fuck I just remembered I had some mayo.
posted on: 02-17-16 @ 9:15 PM

Getting late going to bed hate getting old you sleep all the time and when your awake you cat nap so you sleep away what time you have to live good night friends peace.
posted on: 02-18-16 @ 12:20 AM