What The Fuck Is Up With Parents?

on 03.06.2016

So last night I was at the local sports bar, and me and my crew were doing what most do in a loud ass sports bar...cussing, drinking, screaming, and being in no fucking form of family friendly. Well about 2 hours into the fights this dad comes up and says, "Hey keep it down my children can hear you". Am I the one in the wrong because I told him to fuck off and pick a better place than a bar to take his kids if he's wanting shit to be family oriented? What do you guys think? --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
the sports bars I go to don’t allow minors,period!
posted on: 03-06-16 @ 5:30 PM

The father should have known better to bring his kid's in a bar if he didn't want them hearing fuck shit nigger dick bitch etc.. I would of told the prick to hit the bricks if you don't like it.
posted on: 03-06-16 @ 5:31 PM

Fuck that dude, you’re right, bars are no place for children.
posted on: 03-06-16 @ 5:32 PM

Fucking kids are so bad today I’ve had to ask the parents to tell there children to cut down on there cussing in sports bars.
posted on: 03-06-16 @ 5:33 PM

Tell him to give the kid a drink or get the fuck out. If he’s to young to drink then he can watch the fights at his house with his dad.
posted on: 03-06-16 @ 5:35 PM

Fuck Him .... if he was a father figure he'd be home playing GTA with his kids
posted on: 03-06-16 @ 5:36 PM

Piss on his shoes
posted on: 03-06-16 @ 5:39 PM

I was in a bar in Lake Tahoe watching a comedy show and someone brings the whole damn family in and sits in front. The first two comedians came out and self- censored ruining their sets. The third comedian, God bless him, came out with the filthiest set ever uttered and the idiot hit the door, family in tow. It was awesome! So fuck him, you did the right thing.
posted on: 03-06-16 @ 6:11 PM

Piss on his wife.
posted on: 03-06-16 @ 6:16 PM

dont be a potty mouth...
posted on: 03-06-16 @ 6:36 PM

Sounds like Jeff was in a restaraunt, not a bar.
posted on: 03-06-16 @ 6:55 PM

Yeah dude. Applebees ain't a sports bar. But fuck that guy anyway
posted on: 03-06-16 @ 7:34 PM

Meh whatever. I grew up in a bar and I turned out just fine. Now pass along the bathsalts Jeff, its zombie oclock.
posted on: 03-06-16 @ 8:04 PM

Why would this father take his family into the sports bar you and your friend where watching the MMA fight Big Jeff? Was it a sport bar restaurant like 'Beef-O-BradysŪ?' Confused, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 03-06-16 @ 8:32 PM

I would like to apolagise to Ouch for my ignorant ways in the past to him..in front of god and the peanut gallery...i was directing my hateful words at him and not management...im sorry i was a stupid fuck and thanks for setting me straight....ole Ouch is ok...
posted on: 03-06-16 @ 8:59 PM

@allcaps...nobody likes u anyway so don't"apologise* :) anyway...re the "blog"post PISS ON THE WIFE (as above)Ty.
posted on: 03-06-16 @ 9:18 PM

@ugggggggg awwwwhh..did i hurt your feelings?
posted on: 03-06-16 @ 9:27 PM

@ugggggggg i am rubber you are glue..whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you...ha ha..
posted on: 03-06-16 @ 9:30 PM

+1 Viking.... there is a difference between a sports bar and a restaurant that has a bar with tv's playing sports. im pretty sure kids aren't allowed in any bar in the us. But they are allowed to sit near the bar in Chili's.
posted on: 03-06-16 @ 10:20 PM

Unfortunately, that wouldn't work here in VA, since you can't serve alcohol without having also a restaurant license, but, yes, fuck that guy.
posted on: 03-06-16 @ 10:27 PM

Allcaps, go stick ur dick in Ron's asshole and SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
posted on: 03-06-16 @ 11:21 PM

@sbohica funny as always you crack me the fuck up.
posted on: 03-07-16 @ 12:54 AM

God I hate this time of the year no football baseball around the corner but since they brought the hammer down on steroids use players just stand there at bat and fall asleep going to games now is like going to church you fall asleep basketball eh I wished they would extend football season to 20 games the season would end right when baseball picked up,OK I’m taking my old tired ass to bed so goodnight warriors you assholes are the best.peace.
posted on: 03-07-16 @ 1:04 AM

If he wanted family friendly, go to Chuckie Cheese, not a sports bar, plain and simple.
posted on: 03-07-16 @ 4:15 AM

Was there a kids section on the menu? Then you were at a restaurant. Act like an adult; a sloppy drunk loud one is fine. Just keep the langauge PG.
posted on: 03-07-16 @ 8:11 PM

@sbohica for gods fucking sake dude!! would you please stop having fucking gay phantasys about me!!! i am not gay. no matter how much you try you will never see or suck my cock so stop dreaming about me having sex with men you sick fuck.
posted on: 03-09-16 @ 10:19 AM