Shit Or Get Off The Pot

on 03.12.2016

All week they've talked up how it's going to be storming and kicking ass all weekend. Well we're here now, and all we have is stormy looking clouds. It's time to shit or get off the pot nature, if you're going to take away the sun at least give me some soothing nature noises. --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Just turn your clocks ahead, drink some beers and listen to your own farts
posted on: 03-12-16 @ 6:04 PM

I would rather shit than stop puffin herb BigJ.
posted on: 03-12-16 @ 6:23 PM

Mother Nature can be a ficcal BITCH, So it is not wise the FUCK with her Big Jeff...... I am just saying. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 03-12-16 @ 6:26 PM

there is more wind in here
posted on: 03-12-16 @ 7:27 PM

Back in the day you could lay in your bed listen to the rain and the thunder and feel the cool breeze blowing thru your bedroom window while your old lady is blowing your sch long good times.today weather is much different today no matter how small the system is it always manages to turn into a hell raiser resulting in me not getting a blow job.!!!
posted on: 03-12-16 @ 8:43 PM

60 degrees and a light rain here. I'm going to copy and save my response so I can just paste it in next Saturday's weather blog. "No disrespect though"
posted on: 03-12-16 @ 10:33 PM

Talk about storms I seen where trump says he is going to bring back jobs raise wages pull fire from the heavens well maybe not that but he’s promising jobs to the american masses but what he didn’t see coming was that nobody wants to work anymore fuck getting up five in the morning going to work and all that shit fuck working,in the last eight years Obama has finished what bill Clinton started old bill sent our jobs south of the border bush gave us back some jobs sending us to the middle east to work killing back then innocent goat fuckers now veteran fighting goat fuckers,and Obama has finish us off by destroying our will to want to go to work by giving the masses food stamps welfare checks free housing oh and blocks of free cheese.so now trump comes along promising jobs more money thanks but no thanks america it likes its welfare it likes its welfare checks that’s why your seeing these people at trump rally raising hell used to be the battle cry in the old days to get elected you had to promise more jobs higher wages that’s all changed today’s battle cry to get elected is the promise of no work and more welfare fooodstamps!!!!!
posted on: 03-13-16 @ 1:40 AM

I’m retired but still get frustrated with this setting forward clock thingy but it does so what’s a lazy fucker like me to do that doesn’t have to work and still has to go thru this daylight saving thingy.smoke one have another drink and go to bed so good night fuckers.peace.
posted on: 03-13-16 @ 3:27 AM

I joined a gym so i get up at 3am. Dont matter to me about the clock. My days last forever.
posted on: 03-13-16 @ 8:35 AM

@nybadguy how many pounds of weed are you curling now .
posted on: 03-13-16 @ 9:13 PM