Hello From '06

on 03.20.2016

Well I'm nearing my last few hours in the past then I get to jump back into the future. It's all good though it's been pretty cool to be out by the wilderness and being around the animals and shit. My grandpa has like 20 deer that feed in his back yard every day. One he personally bottle feeds the oldest buck. It's pretty fucking wild. --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I bet once you leave he swaps the bottle for his winky :) Ahhhh just like Grandma used to do lol
posted on: 03-20-16 @ 6:30 PM

I would of been high and naked in them there woods with honey on my cock letting the deers lick it off.
posted on: 03-20-16 @ 8:07 PM

posted on: 03-20-16 @ 9:20 PM

Mr Ouch showed me his boobies....i wo ke up in a screaming nightmare over it
posted on: 03-21-16 @ 1:14 AM

Mr Jeff savor those moments soak it in life does pass quickly so enjoy them these are lifes little pleasures sometimes we forget or don’t think about things that are happening around you in the moment like being with your grandparents we ignore them remember its these little things that you will remember when you grow old that’s going to make you smile laugh cry and wish you could go back and live it all over again.so enjoy .
posted on: 03-21-16 @ 1:21 AM

Now I have a hunger for venison.
posted on: 03-21-16 @ 1:42 AM

My first comment with no profanity fuck shit fuck OK I feel better.there.
posted on: 03-21-16 @ 1:45 AM