April Fools Weekend

on 04.01.2016

April Fools day is finally here so I advise you party goers to be careful out there and not pick up any chicks from bars till tomorrow night. She just might have an April Fools joke for you between her legs once you take her home. Sound advice if you ask me --Dave G.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Something tells me a lot of the members on here are going out tonight for that reason
posted on: 04-01-16 @ 2:03 PM

I'm going to get a V.I.P and check out the forum's. SIKE. Happy april fool's you fuck tards lol.
posted on: 04-01-16 @ 2:08 PM

Hey Fuckers I thought with the absence of outotown I would make a WICS. Check the Dropbox Dave.
posted on: 04-01-16 @ 5:15 PM

one night i was riding around sw Houston in an ambulance with my Nigerian partner. we saw a group of prostitutes so i drove by them to get a closer look. they were fucking trannies....i kept on trucking and didnt look back.
posted on: 04-01-16 @ 7:52 PM

I knew there's a reason why I am here often
posted on: 04-01-16 @ 7:52 PM

Seen a story on NBC news a dude in hong Kong built a life like woman robot and damn if he didn’t hit it out of the park it looks life like the woman robot moves smiles talks and it looks sexy as hell blue eyes nice lips the sucking dick kind and he modeled it after some actress I don’t no her but she looks nice cost fifty thousand bucks to build just think you could have a woman robot made to look like anyone you want a girl friend you never got to fuck or even a loved one that has died you could bring them back I no that sounds sick morbid but the applications are unlimited I believe by the end of this century if we don’t blow our selfs up first people will rich people that is will have robot maids even robots working in fast food joints.anyway Google it and check it out Google man in hong Kong builds robot bitche is really hot,OK have a good night I’m going to bed so eat shit and good night.peace.
posted on: 04-02-16 @ 12:29 AM

^that's some Pygmalion shit
posted on: 04-02-16 @ 9:41 AM

Are SPERM WHALES the reason the ocean is so salty???? Such an injustice!!
posted on: 04-02-16 @ 3:38 PM