Fun Times

on 04.06.2016

It's that time again, very fun and interesting times. Somebody I know hasn't been taking their meds and becomes unbearable. Some how every time it happens for some reason its my turn to take care of them. I think it's been my turn last 3 times this has happened. Least it isn't violent for now just loud and annoying --Dave G.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
so were is the vid ??
posted on: 04-06-16 @ 1:25 PM

@Dave... I like trolling crazy people by sadistically informing them about facts about reality that they shouldn't know. Then I sit back and cautiously observe the sickness turn on itself and cause a complete meltdown in their brain.
posted on: 04-06-16 @ 4:51 PM

You should be armed with a tranquilizer gun for these situations, Dave.
posted on: 04-06-16 @ 7:03 PM

Dave think about how the person in your care is feeling. They can be thinking the same thoughts or worse about you and your care...... Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 04-06-16 @ 7:20 PM

Smoke a fat joint sit back and enjoy the show.
posted on: 04-06-16 @ 7:50 PM

hope you’re feeling better dude @ truckingman
posted on: 04-06-16 @ 8:21 PM

I hope I can get well also Dave. I hope I am not getting another cold on top of the condition I am finally recuperating. My droopiness in my face has improved, and my lips are about aligned.
posted on: 04-06-16 @ 8:47 PM

@truckingman. Stick you face in a bee hive and see if that helps bro. I know they use bee stings as treatment for other illnesses. If your not allergic that is. Or your lips might end up looking like a brothers.
posted on: 04-07-16 @ 6:19 AM

well dave the best thing you can do is just make sbohica or happyjack (which ever one it is this time) that they gotta get back on their meds or they gotta suck your dick. caution on this method though, it may have a reverse effect on sbohica.
posted on: 04-07-16 @ 10:12 AM