New Net Finally

on 04.16.2016

So last week I was out of commission because my dsl took a shit and the company decided to dick with me for a week, but now we're all good. I was using a pathetic 10mb down/.75mb up connection but now I'm sailing with 100mb down/10mb up....and I'm paying less. I feel like I traded in a Pinto and got a Ferrari. Have a good day guys my family is in town I'm going to go visit and relax some --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Welcome to the 21st century. Now prepare ur anus
posted on: 04-16-16 @ 5:24 PM

And you still take all day to get the updates posted
posted on: 04-16-16 @ 7:07 PM

^^^^^comment of the century!
posted on: 04-16-16 @ 7:47 PM

Big Jeff you went from regular old DSL to ADSL. You got a real good upgrade in your internet speed; also, did you get a WiFi router modem with your upgraded internet service? Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 04-16-16 @ 8:29 PM

now to set that alarm to wake up a little earlier...lol
posted on: 04-17-16 @ 12:04 AM

Had to comment sbohica jeez man life on here was so good without you lately just disappear already for good
posted on: 04-17-16 @ 12:56 AM

^^^^^wow, amazing the affect I have on u. Now, I will make sure "life on here" will never b good for ya! Fuckin ass jockey. The crew, The crew..... LMMFAO
posted on: 04-17-16 @ 1:15 AM

I didn’t even know I had a CS account! I’ve lurked here for years and never felt the need to comment, even when those updates would come up pleading for members to stop being dipshits so new people would join. Maybe I joined on one of those occasions. Anyways, I had to say something here, Big Jeff, you are the worst mistake CS has ever made! I barely come here anymore and boy do you disappoint when I actually do! Pathetic updates! You rip your videos off Liveleak for sure! And you can’t even be bothered to create your own titles or descriptions, you fat, lazy, piece of shit! Please go kill yourself and be sure to record it and leave instructions to upload and give us some material worth watching!
posted on: 04-17-16 @ 1:07 PM

Now @potgod... Tell us how you REALLY feel bout bigJ!!!
posted on: 04-17-16 @ 1:15 PM

Potgod SHITE OFF!!!
posted on: 04-17-16 @ 1:29 PM

@potgot. I'm no passing to you. Your a meanie.
posted on: 04-18-16 @ 7:00 AM