Mexican Restaurants

on 04.25.2016

Mexican Restaurants are brutal. I got a plate of fajitas from my nearest Mexican restaurant last night. Really good stuff fajitas just fried with onion and tomato and probably some other spices. When I got home I even sprinkled lime on them and added some cilantro. Now I've been sick all morning and running to the toilet every few minutes. This is how I know these fajitas had plenty of spice. This is how I imagine hell burns. I'm done with the content and the posts are coming right up --Dave G.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
When you're done with the Hershe squirts you should try fiesta en guadalajara...good food and the margaritas will fuck you up.
posted on: 04-25-16 @ 2:07 PM

You should leave out the baseball field lime and you should be good to go next time.
posted on: 04-25-16 @ 2:30 PM

After ur done with the tex-mex, take ya a quart jar. Fill half with buttermilk then add 1 Lone Star beer and top it off with George Dickel, mix with a spoon, drop a raw egg in it and bottoms up!!!! You will feel like a champ...
posted on: 04-25-16 @ 3:16 PM

Your squits would have nothing to do with the spices mate
posted on: 04-25-16 @ 5:38 PM

A mexican that can't stomach mexican food. You need to drink a cup of cement and harden the fuck up.
posted on: 04-25-16 @ 6:10 PM

Dave did you fully reheat your fajitas before you ate them? If you did not, you might have caught some salmonella and that is some MF" NASTY SHIT to have an infection. I had two bouts of salmonella in the past. The first time I had to be admitted to the hospital for two days and three days for out patient services. I can not remember what the second time. It is not fun. I am posting a link to a salmonella symptoms list. I do not want you to get severely sick. mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/salmonella/basics/symptoms/con-20029017 Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 04-25-16 @ 6:39 PM

^^^^ Yep sounds like food poisoning to me.
posted on: 04-25-16 @ 7:13 PM

Just add some dehydrated lime on your bed tonight, you should be OK
posted on: 04-25-16 @ 8:28 PM

Me personally I like hot spicy pussy not to fuck just eat with a cherry.
posted on: 04-25-16 @ 10:53 PM

@sbohica lone star beer where the fuck are you at ain’t seen that stuff since larado Texas days.
posted on: 04-25-16 @ 10:56 PM

@sbohica you ain’t no fucking cow puncher are you GODDAM!!!???
posted on: 04-25-16 @ 11:02 PM

@maddog, not from Texas!!! All that mattered was it was about $6 per case when I was 16 or so, it got me and my buddies drunk and no matter how bad it tasted, we didnt give a shit!!!
posted on: 04-26-16 @ 4:17 AM