I Learned My Lesson

on 05.01.2016

I talked shit yesterday about the weather man being wrong. Literally as soon as that blog posted the weather turned to shit and stormed/rained all day and night. So today I'll just stfu and enjoy whats out there right now. --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Believe in the jinx
posted on: 05-01-16 @ 4:26 PM

Fairly mundane and boring posts today. Thx bigJ..
posted on: 05-01-16 @ 5:20 PM

Fuckin rain all damn day here. Allergies aren't to bad thoe. Spent the fuckin day going store to store with the old lady. I got some shit i needed like a tube for my mountain bike and oil for my quad. Came home she made the sauce and i made the meatballs. Sunday funday.
posted on: 05-01-16 @ 5:43 PM

The rainy day today was expected anyway. At least we got to enjoy yesterday's sunny day anyway. Don't feel bad, my mom thought my aunt's wake was today, but it's for tomorrow. At least I got to sleep in today.
posted on: 05-01-16 @ 6:08 PM

It means one thing weekends over and it's back to fucking work tomorrow
posted on: 05-01-16 @ 6:37 PM

Well Big Jeff there is a saying in the Florida “Wait fifteen minutes and the weather will clear,” but it is not always a fifteen minute wait hear in North Florida. It can rain all day to weeks... Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 05-01-16 @ 6:41 PM

On another note, today I worked on a piece of my hive equipment. I added shims to the bottom of my second hive body. I do not know what I will have planned for tomorrow but hopefully I can build my second honey super.
posted on: 05-01-16 @ 8:35 PM

Going to bed pilgrims peace.....
posted on: 05-01-16 @ 10:59 PM

@truckingman. How's about a jar of that honey brother.
posted on: 05-02-16 @ 6:33 AM

I have no hives from last year to start harvesting any honey Nybadguy. Also if I get any bees this year depending on if I get packaged bees or a nuc, two hives, it will take a few months or a year before I can harvest any honey from my new hives.
posted on: 05-02-16 @ 9:34 PM