Hating On Flags

on 05.03.2016

While looking for content today I saw a lot of hate towards flags. Notice I said flags not fags. I'll be honest and say I'm not very fond of fags but I don't condone any violence towards them either and certainly throwing them off of roofs is a bad thing. Still I saw saw how the Angela Merkel being the president of Germany was disgusted at the sight of a German flag and threw it away. WTF? She is the president of Germany and should show some pride. I also saw how some fellow Mexican Americans burned an American flag at an anti-Trump protest. That is some bullshit. I've lived in Mexico and saw how corrupt and fucked up it is. I won't lie and I love to wave Mexican flags around, but I also have respect for the American flag and would never burn it down. Please show some appreciation for the flag if you live in the country --Dave G.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
If anyone wants to burn the flag I pledge allegiance to, so be it. I will even wrap them up in the flag and set it on fire for them.
posted on: 05-03-16 @ 2:15 PM

beaners are proving trumps point as to how violent they are in and towards America...
posted on: 05-03-16 @ 2:41 PM

I like the Jamaican flag. Rude boi
posted on: 05-03-16 @ 2:45 PM

@wifebeater2000 It’s not all of them but I get your point. I love @crazyvets idea, fuck yea!
posted on: 05-03-16 @ 2:51 PM

@wifebeater a lot of Mexican Americans where hurt including 2 little girls in anti-trump protests. Lot of them supporthing him.. some of them are even talking shit to George Lopez. Personally I don’t like trump because he’s association with Ann Coulter
posted on: 05-03-16 @ 2:53 PM

I like Trump better than Hillary, I don’t like Sanders. I think we are fucked won’t be voting this time around. Hillary should be in prison, I don’t like communist Sanders and I don’t like Trump.
posted on: 05-03-16 @ 2:54 PM

I used to have a job and had a couple German ladies come over from Germany to do some training. They told me that no one displays their flag there because of WWII and Hitler. They said anyone that displays it with pride is frowned upon and said to be supporting Nazism. They seemed just as surprised when they got here and saw our flag everywhere because they weren’t used to it. Interesting shit that an entire country is still ashamed of what a previous generation did. Kinda like slavery, I won’t apologize for it because I had nothing to do with it and neither did the black people of today.
posted on: 05-03-16 @ 3:34 PM

Fuck all the flags!!!
posted on: 05-03-16 @ 3:56 PM

Dave, CrazyShit Staff, and CrazyShit Members there is a ceremony where Old Glory, the American flag, is retired in a fire. The ceremony is to honor our flag and its' service not to disgrace it. I know that the Boy Scouts carry out this ceremonies during certain camp outs. However, burning flags in hate dread is MF" FUCKED UP ESPECIALLY THE AMERICAN FLAG ON OUR HOME SOIL.... US flag retirement ceremony ushistory.org/betsy/more/flagretirement_scouts.htm Just shaking his head at the fact of an American burning our flag on our soil, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 05-03-16 @ 5:13 PM

can someone please light toreal on fire. ity would be a great service to our cuntry if you did.
posted on: 05-03-16 @ 5:48 PM

well, I hate blacks so it evens out
posted on: 05-03-16 @ 6:14 PM

you’re cool dude wardo
posted on: 05-03-16 @ 10:43 PM

@longhungwong.....did you know that Pandas are half black?
posted on: 05-04-16 @ 4:47 AM

Are you thinking I hate black people tbcxtc? I have nothing against blacks. I was referring to wardo56 being gay yet still an ok dude.
posted on: 05-04-16 @ 7:01 AM

Yes, A little respect goes a long way. If people want to wave a Mexican flag on the streets of America maybe they should be the first ones deported. If you love it so much go back to Mexico.
posted on: 05-04-16 @ 8:40 AM

Lot of us where born here and our ancestors have always been here. Large part of USA was Mexico once and the when territory was taken over we where never asked to leave. I see nothing with it as long as you also love USA. Its like Irish Americans or Italian Americans being proud of their Irish or Italian roots @ junkhunter.
posted on: 05-04-16 @ 9:32 AM

Minimum public flogging for those maggots that think it’s a great idea. Fucking disgraceful to the memory of those that have fallen under it defending this soil. But, in saying this and seeing how we are selling off our country to the overseas buyers etc here in Oz, it makes you wonder if it was all worth it.
posted on: 05-05-16 @ 11:25 AM