Happy Mothers Day Ladies

on 05.08.2016

To all the mothers that grace the site I hope you guys have a nice day. For all the fathers on here Happy unprotected sex day. Enjoy the rest of the day people and I'll do the same. --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
You'll idea of "guys" is a lot different then mine
posted on: 05-08-16 @ 6:01 PM

Fighting with my sandwich making cunt of a wife. Locked myself in the mancave with a few joints.
posted on: 05-08-16 @ 6:48 PM

@nybadguy don't make the same mistake I made .... Keep The Door Locked !!!!!!
posted on: 05-08-16 @ 7:23 PM

My mother enjoyed Mother's Day even though I did not buy her anything. Also, my father and I caught one of four, maybe five, kittens that my family did not know that where born near our house. My family has been trying to catch the kittens to socialize them since my little brother saw them about two weeks prior. The kittens' mother misterisly die two days ago from unknown causes so now my family has to catch the kittens for their survival. Please wish my family and I good luck in catching the remaining kittens. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 05-08-16 @ 7:38 PM

Good luck with the kittys truckingman. Very noble deed!
posted on: 05-08-16 @ 7:56 PM

@Truckingman. Your family sure love's pussy robbie. P.s. i hope the MF kittens do not find there way into a MF bee hive. Best of luck to you and your family saving the little pussy cats.
posted on: 05-08-16 @ 8:09 PM

I’m hoping that these dumbasses in Atlanta get with the program and change these laws and make weed legal to buy!!! Im always looking over my shoulder afraid I’m fixing to get busted for doing something I enjoy when I’m smoking weed I like to watch movies glued to my chair and eat sammiches. Now drinking I’m a bastard never no what I’m going to do and I have black outs drinking has cost me thousands of dollars in DUI assaults public drunks one fuck up after another!!! Booze is a bastard it will get you in trouble sooner or later!!! Now with weed I’ve been smoking nearly fifty years and there’s been thousands of times I’ve smoked weed without drinking and in those thousands of times I’ve never got in any trouble!!! Except those times I eat up every thing in the fridge and also I get in trouble with the ole lady she says I’m a fucking pig because there’s as much food on me as in me!!? Just saying weed is a lot better way of relaxing than drinking as for getting cancer smoking weed hell walk out your front door the fucking air will give you cancer quicker than weed!!! And booze what does it give you liver problems kills brain cells kidney damage your dick stops getting hard gain weight blood pressure!! Fuck I’m no fucking scientist but? Oh weed is a gate way drug?? Bull shit!!! Its never made me crave harder drugs!! Just bigger sammiches!!! OK I’m going to bed pilgrims good night be cool fuckers peace.
posted on: 05-09-16 @ 12:42 AM

^^^^^ Yeah!
posted on: 05-09-16 @ 1:43 AM