Feeling Better

on 05.22.2016

Well the fever is gone, and I feel tons better. Another thing to add to the reasons I'm glad I don't have a kid yet, they're just mobile dirty bombs. Now that I feel better and these are posted i have to get out and take care of this yard. Have fun everyone talk to you next week --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Kids are great, they take your focus off of yourself a little and you become a better person for it. Once you experience one of your younger kids with a 103+ degree fever your own colds become very tame in comparison. Well worth it BJ take the plunge one day, it's worth it.
posted on: 05-22-16 @ 4:41 PM

Yeah. Kid's are great till about age 11. After that commit suicide or run for the hills. I got 4 girls from 17 15 13 8. So i have about another 3 years left then I'll be hanging from a rafter in my basement. Happyjacks is just trying to destroy your life bro. Don't take the plunge brother.
posted on: 05-22-16 @ 5:21 PM

Big Jeff I am glad you are feeling well. Also, I am not married or have any children of my own. However, I have helped raised my adopted siblings, one girl and two boys. My youngest bother is sixteen my family has raised since he was a, I believe, year old. I am not going into detail about how my family adopted my three extra siblings. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 05-22-16 @ 5:29 PM

^^^^ lol
posted on: 05-22-16 @ 5:35 PM

@truckingnan my lol was for nybadguy not you.
posted on: 05-22-16 @ 6:09 PM

@happyjack I got that, you Sir are the voice of reason in this shithole.
posted on: 05-22-16 @ 6:12 PM

Fuckers grow up fast nowadays
posted on: 05-22-16 @ 6:59 PM

@corrupted. It's not them that grow up fast. It's us man. We are old as dirt and time fly's by faster.
posted on: 05-22-16 @ 9:41 PM

No kids here
posted on: 05-22-16 @ 9:52 PM

I think WICS Got the flu.
posted on: 05-22-16 @ 11:56 PM

Watched a news broadcast online seems our american goverment was about 2000 feet from the Russian border with a bunch of tanks firing live ammo and stirring up shit with the Russians!! Same with china we been snooping around over in there waters arming japan and Obamas in Viet Nam Fixing to arm them and set up a missile base there!!?? Obama says its just a goodwill visit?? Bull fuckiing shit!!! Between Isis north Korea Russia china we don’t stand a chance in hell beating them in a all out war!! Its like Putin said america in those first two wars its people were safe from the horrors of war our soul was dry of blood!! But Putin has swore if we draw Russia back into another war that america will feel the fire and blood will be spilled on american soil from his missiles!!! And as long as there not nuclear we or the in cannot retaliate with nukes..we are open season!! Russian fighters bombers and missile bases are just a stoned throw across the water from Alaska!!! That my crazy SHITERS is fucking scary!!! So I’m reading these news reports and I tuned in to our news channels here ABC NBC CBS CNN ??? And guess what nothing!! Not surprising there all to busy talking about hillarys new hair dew and pinning awards on american policemen for outstanding service for bravery clubbing shooting killing beyond the call of duty!!!?? Not one word about the fucking shit Obamas stirring up in russia ???!! You fucks might think I’m on a rant again and I am!! But you will no I’m right and it will be to late onece those misseles start flying that fucker in Russia says his peoples blood ain’t going to be the only blood spilled this time!! Why can’t we just get along?? People of all country’s ORT to but there not they ORT to snatch these fucking leaders all of them and put the gloves on them and settle there fucking problems in the ring!! And leave u poor god fearing folks the hell alone and keep us out of there fucking wars!!!
posted on: 05-23-16 @ 12:08 AM

@maddog123... to try and get a balanced view on what’s happening in the world I look in on RT (Russia today), that way I get to hear both sides and then draw my own conclusions
posted on: 05-23-16 @ 5:17 AM