Hot Teacher Fucks 13 Yr Old

on 06.02.2016

A middle school teacher around the greater Houston area was having sex almost on a daily bases with a 13 year old boy. Alexandra Vera is pretty damn hot too. Kind of demotivating to think a 13 year old is getting more hot pussy than I am. Where the hell where these horny girls when I was a teen going through puberty. It would have been pure bliss. --Dave G

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Now he has to find pussy somewhere else.
posted on: 06-02-16 @ 4:51 PM

Just shaking his head at this MOTHER FUCKING BULLSHIT, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 06-02-16 @ 5:42 PM

He either has some of daddys money?? Or he’s swinging a big dick!!! Or both!!! And the teacher is nuts!! About nuts!! And having a nut!!! Close as I ever came to fucking my teacher was at home under my covers with daddys jack off cream beating my dick!!! And still do!!! But now I have to buy my on GODDAM JACKOFF CREAM!!!!!
posted on: 06-02-16 @ 5:45 PM

Oh and all my teachers back in the day were fucking old !! Like seventy but fuck it I’ve always been a warped mother fucker!!! And still am!!!!
posted on: 06-02-16 @ 5:49 PM

Oo Balls deep Dave... about 3.4 inches?
posted on: 06-02-16 @ 6:08 PM

Poor kid isn’t going to get this hot of a chick till he’s in collage. That’s a long dry spell.
posted on: 06-02-16 @ 6:55 PM

I’m at hillarys tonight partying if any body has a message for her or bill just get it off your chests and I will let her read your posts!! Party on bitches!!!
posted on: 06-02-16 @ 7:47 PM

@maddog. Tell her to blow me.
posted on: 06-02-16 @ 7:50 PM

Teacher got me fucked up.
posted on: 06-02-16 @ 8:37 PM

I had a science teacher in middle school with tits as big as 2 volleyballs. Not too old either. God we loved blouse day. It was like she couldn't afford more than 3 buttons per top.
posted on: 06-02-16 @ 9:46 PM

The only sex scandal in my high school involved my band director. He had affairs with four different students during his 12 years of teaching there, practically under his ex-wife's nose, while she was teaching in the business department. Got busted by his first illicit affair when she heard about it from two other girls. Needless to say he got convicted, sent to jail, lost his job and wife and now lives in another county as a tier 2 sex offender.
posted on: 06-03-16 @ 2:02 AM