Lab Grown Meat

on 06.03.2016

In the near future we won't have to farm cows pigs and chickens to eat meat. They're going to grow meat in a labs using stem cells and supposedly will be cheaper since you don't have to feed them like you feed cows. Makes me wonder if this will finally shut the vegans upand if they'll finally eat like normal people. Frankly if I'm alive when this happens I'm going to breed rabbits and eat them just to piss off those hippy bastards. --Dave G

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Grow me a nice tight, wet pussy to play with.
posted on: 06-03-16 @ 5:26 PM

Dave it takes a lot of work to raise rabbits for food. My family had about fifty breeding pairs producing about one hundred to two hundred friers, young rabbits for butchering, a month. Dave I would recamen for you to start off with a one or two breeding pairs. A female can produce about one to six offspring a mating cycle. I wish you good luck if you do begin to raise rabbits for you own personal food production. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 06-03-16 @ 5:39 PM

I would try to keep the numbers down truckingman
posted on: 06-03-16 @ 6:56 PM

Most people will gladly gobbled down a set of genitalia whether its male or female. And u think a hamburger is disgusting??
posted on: 06-03-16 @ 8:29 PM

You cant substitute a juicy 🍔 or steak. The fuck out of here with that bull shit.
posted on: 06-03-16 @ 10:44 PM

Just another way to Poison Our already fucked up food supply
posted on: 06-03-16 @ 11:34 PM

What I really want to is when they will be growing vaginas.
posted on: 06-04-16 @ 2:15 AM

One more step to Soilent Green.
posted on: 06-04-16 @ 1:54 PM