Government Vs Home Values

on 06.07.2016

I think family values should be left up to parents. If you want to raise your kids to love guns, religious not religious should be left at home. Every year its getting worse. In schools they're going to start asking your kids if they're gay in kindergarten and in 1st grade. They're also going to teach them that if a boy wants to wear a pink dress to school and call himself Suzie its perfectly fine. You can disagree with me all you want but I think schools should stay away from that shit as much as they stay away from religion. Obama I hope you read this man... Fuck You --Dave G.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
i dont really think it’s the government, well, they are under immense pressure to allow that garbage, some of the higher school/university officials and some social justice hypocrites are being funded by some wrong kind of sources IN MY OPINION.
posted on: 06-07-16 @ 3:26 PM

no. i am neither racist nor a homophobic.
posted on: 06-07-16 @ 3:30 PM

George Soros probably donating some serious money @azzhole
posted on: 06-07-16 @ 3:32 PM

Parents tax dollars pay for public schools. If their child is already a fag in kindergarten, I'm pretty sure he's going to be a fag his entire life. If he wants to wear panties and a dress, schools should let him be. If it's a private school they have their own rules.
posted on: 06-07-16 @ 3:39 PM

well, and I THINK there is a reason they are brainwashing very young people ( developing brain ).
posted on: 06-07-16 @ 3:47 PM

Goverment got me fucked up
posted on: 06-07-16 @ 5:52 PM

Well when u stopped thinking for yourselves it really became "their" govt. Didn't it???
posted on: 06-07-16 @ 6:02 PM

I am sorry for the ‘off the topic’ statement that I am going to write. I can tell you one thing in Florida when the state made the FCAT, the Florida version of the CAT test, a (MF") requirement of passing to the next grade and graduation of high school. In my senior year of high school, Suwannee High, I took the FCATas it was still in the ‘experimental stage.’ I did not receive any feedback on my FCAT test score(s), so I did not know what where the weakness in what subjects. In the years since the introduction of the FCAT requirement for graduation, Suwannee County schools have when to MF" HELL!!! Students in the middle school are openly selling drugs in the middle of class at one point about five years from this year. Luckily Florida has dropped the FCAT as requirement to graduate high school, I am glad that my, biological, sister and I graduated, Class of 2000 and Class of 1999, a few years BEFORE FLORIDA ISSUED THE FCAT AS A REQUIREMENT FOR GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL!!! Just shaking his head, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 06-07-16 @ 7:56 PM

I agree with Toreal. People are going to be what they are going be. The schools aren't going to confuse kids and "turn" them gay. You either are or aren't. It's in your biological makeup not your environment.
posted on: 06-07-16 @ 11:38 PM

So let the kid decide ! Don’t program there minds at that age confusing them Kids that age has enough to learn with ABC numbers colors!! They don’t need no teacher fucking them up asking or telling them its alright to tell little billy over there that little johnny wants to suck your pee wee!! Mother fucker!!!
posted on: 06-08-16 @ 12:37 AM

Well hell Hillary tonight had her first orgasm!! She won her pot of gold now she has one more hurdle ?? Trump!!! And if he don’t stop putting his dick in his mouth !! He will hand that anti Christ her just reward!!! You no I don’t give a fuck no more! They can have it all !! I just hope the feds will make weed legal so I can sit here in my own house getting high without worrying some cop going to crash in here TAZE ME BEAT ME THEN FUCK ME THEN TAKE ME TO JAIL AND HANG ME!!! THEN SAY I FELL OUT OF MY BUNK!!! why do you think north Korea puts up with there cock sucker of a leader??? Because weed is legal in north Korea!!! Legalize it here in all states and I promise the people would care less who’s in office!!! Just bring on the good weed!! And Bribing on those goddam foot long sammiches!!! So goodnight fuckers!! I’m going to bed... peace...
posted on: 06-08-16 @ 12:55 AM