Blink Of An Eye

on 06.20.2016

Weekend went by too damn quick for me, like a blink of an eye, speaking of which after seeing that white girl with that big ass booty I'd like to see her flirt with me and wink an eye at me. Possibly her brown eye, spread those big as cheeks and and wink that o-ring for me. I have spanking I have to go do --Dave G.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Over the weekend, I got over what was ailing me. Also, I am trying to go to bed at an earlier time. I have been going to bed at about four in the morning for the past two weeks, so I am trying to go to bed about eleven at night or one in the morning. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 06-20-16 @ 5:33 PM

That’s because you worked on your day off. Oh and thanks for the help yesturday brother. I could not have swabbed the deck without you and this place would have not had a daily update to the site so cheers.....Arrrrrr
posted on: 06-20-16 @ 6:10 PM

^ I see the doctor changed your Bipolar meds
posted on: 06-20-16 @ 7:20 PM

Dave, what was your direct email? Daveg@crazyshit.com?
posted on: 06-20-16 @ 11:49 PM

yeah thats it mrlongshot shoot me an email i’ll give one one that goes to directly to my cell
posted on: 06-21-16 @ 1:40 AM