Pet Owners & Sex

on 06.30.2016

While doing updates today I watched a porn clip of a girl getting banged by her neighbor but her german shepherd kept trying to attack him every time she moaned. Who in their right mind fucks with their pets in the room. You're liable to get bitten or worse a surprise ass licking. --Dave G.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Our dog is very protective of my wife, when I go into her woman cave and that’s where the dog has his bed I have to warn his ass when I approach her while they are in the room together. When I am taking care of business his ass is locked out. We have had dogs for 42 years and it’s always been that way.
posted on: 06-30-16 @ 4:16 PM

My ex had a cat and a few times it licked my ass while i was screwing her. Felt like fuckin sandpaper. I said wtf was that and seen the cat staring at me on the end of the bed. Shit had me crackin the fuck up.
posted on: 06-30-16 @ 4:36 PM

@nybadguy ... did it remove the clinkers :-)
posted on: 06-30-16 @ 5:26 PM

Dave it can be worse the pet could try to MF" MATE WITH YOU!!! Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 06-30-16 @ 5:54 PM

My tablet has gone AWAL on me, so I am using my mother’s laptop until I can by a new tablet. I had this tablet, my second one, for about two years. I had bought this tablet at Wally World, Wal-Mart luckily I had bought a two year service plan on top of the one year Wal-Mart guarantee, so I am getting an E-gift card to help pay for a new tablet. My current tablet is a ten inch RCA PRO10 with folio. Do any of my fellow CrazyShit members have any advice about what type of tablet, size of tablet, and tablet ISO?
posted on: 06-30-16 @ 5:56 PM

The Surface pro ain’t to bad Robby
posted on: 06-30-16 @ 6:21 PM

Next time try to fuck the dog. That’ll be the last time he/she sticks around when your doing the hanky panky.
posted on: 06-30-16 @ 6:55 PM

@truckingman ... Samsung Galaxy Tab S ( it'll cost u more ) then a RCA . Theirs a lot more on the market now . Shop around. Good Luck bro
posted on: 06-30-16 @ 7:18 PM

Oh .... and remember to delete the browser history on your mother's lap top when your done using it
posted on: 06-30-16 @ 7:24 PM

I remembered being at someone's house for sex, his dog kept coming in the room. I couldn't concentrate with someone outside of my species near me. Major buzzkill.
posted on: 07-01-16 @ 1:53 AM