Sexy Science

on 07.03.2016

I was watching a documentary about physics this morning and I got to thinking about doing a little science of my own. A new version of the double slit experiment. There is a hot milf on the next street with an 18 year old daughter who is just as hot with bigger tits. Maybe i can do some sciencing on both those slits. --Dave G.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Love the film Weird Science but maybe the hot milf with the daughter with big tits is a better option Dave? P.S. Film and photos or it didn`t happen.
posted on: 07-03-16 @ 3:05 PM

have the daughter and the mother is easy...so i’m told
posted on: 07-03-16 @ 3:35 PM

Nice fantasy Dave
posted on: 07-03-16 @ 4:42 PM

Dave please use the scientific method in your research. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 07-03-16 @ 6:06 PM

I travel on a different variable wavelength pls explain
posted on: 07-03-16 @ 6:31 PM

Just watch another guy bore them out daveG, u seem to like that, ya big stud.
posted on: 07-03-16 @ 6:59 PM

What a day stayed sober got high didn’t fall in my tub or that damn pool, and I cooked out and I didn’t burn the house down!!?? Had soul food BBQ chicken and water melon mmm mmm good happy you should have flown over for the feast??? We live in a new south now blacks in Muslims out Oh Jews are still hated and there’s no kkk no MO?? Its another group of people that dress up in OD green and pretend to be in the army??? I would laugh but these crazy fuckers got 105s m60s the fucking works!!! And lots of money so go figure. So don’t shoot the messenger I’m not part of anything I don’t give a good fuck anymore this worlds going to cancel its self out no matter how much I bitch and preach!!! I no I still rant but I’m just a keyboard warrior nothing more but these nuts that are all around all of us are getting crazier braver there numbers swelling and there fixing to squirt there loads all up our back sides soooo enjoy!! Good night fuckers and let’s see oh peace!!!???...
posted on: 07-04-16 @ 1:09 AM

Damn this is some good shit purple and red hair buds good night...
posted on: 07-04-16 @ 1:29 AM

When I was a kid my science project was making chlorine gas and killing frog with it. Sick I was.
posted on: 07-04-16 @ 2:04 AM