Rest In Peace Mom

on 08.02.2016

Just shortly after midnight my Mom moved on from this world. Her heart could no longer put up the fight that was necessary to sustain her life. She is survived by me, my wife and her grandson. In the end, I am very proud of her for doing all the hard work that was required of rehabilitation. She was really trying make a change in her life, but when you have dialysis 3 times a week, gangrene on your foot and heart disease, the deck is stacked against you. She was a good Mom, one that didn't mind Adam watching porn in the office, or cutting checks to ho's when we used to have porn shoots. All in all, I am most pissed off about diabetes. That robbed my son of a grandmother, me of a Mom, and truly a good woman of her life. I will take the end of my Mom's life as a lesson moving forward to live every moment to the very end. I love you Mom, rest in peace, your son Jay.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Sorry to hear Jay may she rest in peace
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 6:37 PM

Jay D.
Thank you.
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 6:45 PM

Jay, in a way, I can under stand you pain with the passing of my uncle Elvin and my aunt Pat. It will take some time to heel our wounds. However, we do have our friends, family, and the community call CrazyShit to support us through this turbulent time. Jay many your mother Rest in Beautiful and Ever Lasting Peace!!!!!! Sincerely your friend, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 6:46 PM

Sorry to here this . She sounded like a great person. Diabetes runs in my family and has taken 2 so far . I hope I can dodge it , but my weekend binge drinking is not gonna help.
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 6:52 PM

My deepest condolences for you and your family, Jay. May she rest in peace.
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 7:02 PM

Jay. I am so sorry for your loss. I wish I had the right words, just know I care.
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 7:04 PM

I’m very sorry! Believe me don’t believe me she’s in a better place!again I’m sorry!
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 7:05 PM

Very sorry to hear that Jay D. I lost my Dad just 3 days after my wedding when I was 18 years old but I still don’t fell your pain which is probably overwhelming. Remember this Jay D. we all love ya because we wouldn’t come here if we didn’t except for the fags because they probably love you a lot more than us straight Crazy Shiters. May she rest in peace.
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 7:10 PM

There is not much that can be said to comfort someone who has lost the most important person in their life, their mother.
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 7:19 PM

Jay D.
Thank you all!
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 7:20 PM

Fuck I’m crying! I don’t cry? Made me miss my mother!
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 7:28 PM

Man bro, my deepest condolences to you and your family.
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 7:47 PM

Jay.. Just remember one thing,,there was a reason she "Put up the good fight" for as long as she did.. It was to be here longer with YOU and YOURS.... R.I.P. MAMA JAY,,,,,,
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 7:49 PM

R.I.P. foot foto please
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 7:57 PM

Jay D.
@maddog123 I know, I don’t either, but I have today.
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 7:58 PM

Hang in there man losing a parent is one of the hardest things to deal with I’m sure
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 8:22 PM

Sorry to hear that Jay. You have my family’s condolences.
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 8:40 PM

I didn't know your mom jay but from what i can tell she did an amazing job of raising her one and only baby boy. Just know that she passed on with a smile on her face proud of you. My heart goes out to you and your family .
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 8:46 PM

When do the riots begin?? I will break maddogs foot off in somebody's MF ASS
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 8:55 PM

Sorry to hear. My parents are old and really piss me off sometimes. But I dread the day they move on and can’t imagine how I’d cope. But life is a motherfucker sometimes and you have no choice. How old was your mother jay? (If you don’t mind me asking)
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 9:02 PM

Sorry dude.
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 9:15 PM

posted on: 08-02-16 @ 10:30 PM

Lost my Dad(2010) the same way. I feel your pain man.
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 10:50 PM

My condolences Jay, may your Mom rest in peace and God bless you and your family.
posted on: 08-02-16 @ 11:05 PM

RIP Mrs. D and sorry for your loss, Jay. I have the feeling I’m going to lose my grandfather soon. He just had surgery three days ago and still hasn’t woken up yet.
posted on: 08-03-16 @ 12:18 AM

@cyberbu11y do what?
posted on: 08-03-16 @ 12:18 AM

Cory H.
May God look over her soul for all of time. You have our sincerest condolences.
posted on: 08-03-16 @ 12:31 AM

Truly sorry for your loss Jay.
posted on: 08-03-16 @ 12:39 AM

Jay I feel your pain, may she rest in peace
posted on: 08-03-16 @ 1:46 AM

rest in peace ma’am,
posted on: 08-03-16 @ 2:26 AM

Sorry to hear of your loss Jay, Condolences to you and yours.
posted on: 08-03-16 @ 4:13 AM

May the powers that be, who flip the switches on this spinning rock in space, embrace your mothers soul and guide her to the next phase AND comfort the hearts of those that she left behind. Be grateful JayD, she did rite by u and urs and the pain and struggle has ceased and as only the Lizard King cud say it, she has broke on through and is awaiting all of her loved ones with an angelic smile. My thoughts are with u and your family...
posted on: 08-03-16 @ 4:25 AM

You have created an on line community of perverts, assholes and generally misfits. A politically incorrect family and although I am one of the newest members of this family I am sure that I can extend our deepest sympathy and share in your loss.
posted on: 08-03-16 @ 5:15 AM

I'm sorry for your loss Jay. I remember reading a post you wrote a few months ago about caring for her. As difficult as it may have been, you gave her a great gift and made things easier for her at a very tough point in her life. I hope to do the same for my parents if or when they ever need it. Death is very sad and difficult, but it sounds like her passing brought her relief from the many health problems she was dealing with. Keep your head high, knowing you did what you could for her, in trying to make the tough and painful parts a lot easier to bear. Much love to you and your family.
posted on: 08-03-16 @ 7:42 AM

I am so sorry for your loss. May your mother RIP and You and your family have peace and comfort soon.
posted on: 08-03-16 @ 9:33 AM

Im late, but, sorry man. Losin someones never easy, but at least their troubles are done. I hope shes taken care of
posted on: 08-03-16 @ 10:16 AM

RIP Jays mom. And sorry to hear Jay.
posted on: 08-03-16 @ 11:49 AM

Heart felt condolences. Sorry for your loss
posted on: 08-03-16 @ 8:10 PM

So sorry for your loss Jay. May she rest in peace. Thankfully I still have both of my parents. Just makes one realize how much we need them. Can I be the one to write the checks to hoes now?
posted on: 08-04-16 @ 11:16 AM