CS Update

on 08.07.2016

After a bunch of digging, I think I found the source of the Fake Virus. It's coming from our mobile advertiser's ads. I have contacted them to check their network for anything bad. Hopefully we should have it resolved in the next 24 hours. Again, this is only on the mobile website. I hope you all have a great fucking Sunday mother fuckers! --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
People who put out viruses should have their fingers removed.
posted on: 08-07-16 @ 2:46 PM

There is nothing here to make a funny comment on. Nay, my Sunday is a little sadder now because of this to the point, informative blog. I’m going to listen to some NPR for some laughs now.
posted on: 08-07-16 @ 2:49 PM

Good digging, Jay! It was predicted a few years ago that mobile platforms would be the next big target, and the type of ads you are using are the standard vector. Its just the nature of the business.
posted on: 08-07-16 @ 3:42 PM

There’s plenty to fun about on here ! Or we could just talk about my balls? They were itching pretty bad! The virus had found its way from my tablet thru my fingers up my arms down to my balls!! And? So the itch! But there is good news while jay and company took care of the internet virus! To show how much they care about us crazy shifters and me they personally came to my home and sat up with me all night long and scratched my balls!!! Yeah boy!!!!
posted on: 08-07-16 @ 4:30 PM

You Da MF man jay D. Hope all is well with your family bro.
posted on: 08-07-16 @ 4:35 PM

fuck CS on a mobile. I like my porn ads on a big screen.
posted on: 08-07-16 @ 4:42 PM

Now my shit is freezing up wtf.
posted on: 08-07-16 @ 5:34 PM

Whobe, it is hackers whom want to MF" HIGHJACK YOUR DATA AND DEVICES, Computers, Tablets, Apple Products; TO MF" EXTOR MONEY OR SELL YOUR DATA TO THE MF" HIGHIST BIDDER!!! Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 08-07-16 @ 5:44 PM

posted on: 08-07-16 @ 5:58 PM

They been messing with bestgore web site that’s on top of other problems they have been having with Canadian government censoring them its talking about shouting site down!!! These also they put a virus on find a death!! You can’t even go near that site it will choke down your computer!! Don’t no who’s doing it but there targeting all gore sights! And doing a damn good job of SHUTING them down!!!!!!!!
posted on: 08-07-16 @ 7:00 PM

I hate fucking auto spelling I shut it off and the queer still writes in other words computers suck cock!!!
posted on: 08-07-16 @ 7:08 PM

Good job Mr J
posted on: 08-07-16 @ 11:27 PM

Good night..... Peace.......
posted on: 08-08-16 @ 1:48 AM

Though I use a different screen name on kaotic.com which I am member and on regularly,, I have not noticed or ever had problems with this virus,,, but Maddog123,, is correct these viruses have been popping up on other Gore sites,,such as bestgore. I have noted on Bestgore from time to time, and of course here,, but so far I have not had any problems since yesterday
posted on: 08-08-16 @ 5:25 AM