House Of Pain

on 08.12.2016

Can't wait for a real Island of Dr. Moreau to happen in real life now that research on human animal hybrid embryos have been legalized. Maybe they can cross genes from Scarlett Johansson a pig and create a version of her with 6 tits. Speaking of legalizing shit they should maybe work on legalizing weed in Texas first or maybe even incest in New Mexico so this woman can marry her son and live happily and cringe worthy after --Dave G.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
All the backwoods rednecks down here Texas would vote for incest before voting to legalize weed.
posted on: 08-12-16 @ 11:15 AM

On the news last night it was said the government is keeping pot listed as a class of drugs along side of heroin so it is considered highly illegal.
posted on: 08-12-16 @ 12:31 PM

Our crooked government wants to keep weed laws just the way they are because weed still makes them money! Same as heroin! During the Viet nam war CIA and south Viet nam worked together making selling banking billions dollars for there on money hungry selfish reason! Oh to finance building other drug trades in other country’s because CIA new Vietnam was fucked!!!
posted on: 08-12-16 @ 12:38 PM

my glasses fail to work properly when im stoned ,, the government should work on a solution for kush googles ..
posted on: 08-12-16 @ 12:43 PM

when they work on the embryo may be they should try and eliminate the faggot gene
posted on: 08-12-16 @ 3:40 PM

I doubt that Marijuana will fully legalized in the US there are to many laws against growing, selling, and etc. marijuana... Sadly, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 08-12-16 @ 5:21 PM

@truckingman Robbie are you a stoner ? That might explain some of your rants
posted on: 08-12-16 @ 6:10 PM

@whobe Everyone who was in on making that decision deserves to be tied to cacti and left for dead in the middle of the desert.
posted on: 08-12-16 @ 6:30 PM

I'll take the weed. I'm not into the whole cousin fuckin thing. Well a blow job might be ok.
posted on: 08-12-16 @ 6:31 PM

Picklehiesner, I am not high on any thing. I am a quiet, shy, and kind gentleman just releaving stress on the Internet...... , I am not high on any thing. I am a quiet and shy gentleman just relieving stress on the internet......
posted on: 08-12-16 @ 6:34 PM

we humans are doomed...even if we cross breed our genes with animal’s it will do no good. As long as we are tethered to this planet we are screwed. We have to spread the sickness of humanity across our solar system if we want our species to really survive.....But in the mean time, legalize weed in Texas!
posted on: 08-12-16 @ 6:53 PM

That guy is one sick motherfucker.
posted on: 08-12-16 @ 11:23 PM

^^ I see what you did there
posted on: 08-13-16 @ 1:43 AM

my mommy got me a dirty clothes hamper for my poo poo undies
posted on: 08-13-16 @ 9:28 AM

@truckingman I know Robbie I was just fuckin w you
posted on: 08-14-16 @ 1:51 PM