It's Been A Busy Day

on 09.24.2016

Man today has been hectic. Dealing with shit around the house, and had to take my dog to the vet for yearly shots and check up. Did a few errands, and came back to do the updates. Now that it's finished I'm going to chill. Have a nice day people. --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Big Jeff, the Florida Gateway Bee Club had a meeting and open hive day on the date, the club's normal meeting place was under renovation. I got to inspect one the hives and demonstrate the procedure of inspect for signs of a queen(eggs), finding the queen, the brood pattern, the honey and pollen bands, and etc. However after two hours, I got over heated and had to go back home. I took a shower and laid down for a two or three hours. I had a satisfying time my bee club's meeting and open hive day even though I got over heat and had to come back home. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 09-24-16 @ 5:01 PM

I’m still in bed god I got wasted last night! Gods to stop doing that shit my fucking liver hurts! Bite me I’m finished!
posted on: 09-24-16 @ 5:14 PM

Dont hurt yourself BJ. Take that break bro. Your overdoing it.
posted on: 09-24-16 @ 5:35 PM

I work harder on my insults. Spark one up and order take out BJ.
posted on: 09-24-16 @ 6:18 PM

I had to work today. Ass...ASS..SHIT!!!
posted on: 09-24-16 @ 6:21 PM

BJ I do like you, and do feel bad insulting you every weekend, but I wouldn’t be true to myself or the peanut gallery if I didn’t go ahead and call you a lazy low energy motherfucker. You are young as shit too......I feel a little bad now
posted on: 09-24-16 @ 6:59 PM

@happyjack at least you have a work ethic
posted on: 09-24-16 @ 7:27 PM

@happyjack it checks my privilege, and reminds me my place in the food chain.
posted on: 09-24-16 @ 8:02 PM

Got some bad ass bbq at 7am, saw my backwoods family now I'm in Austin hanging out.
posted on: 09-24-16 @ 8:04 PM

posted on: 09-24-16 @ 8:13 PM

I got up at 7 am. I was supposed to redo a bathroom sub floor for an associate of my wife. My lil daughter ended up calling me at 8 wanted me to come get her so i blew off the bathroom job and picked up my lil bambino. She's safe and sound in her room sleeping and I'm partying the MF night away.
posted on: 09-24-16 @ 9:25 PM

I’ve got to slow down on my drinking and PIGING OUT!!! I got my first hint today that something got to give before its my heart!? Anyway I stepped on the scales and I crushed it! And I mean flat as a sheet paper! You no I just thought it was my bike that was needing a tune up it was ass staging up mountains hills but I guess it was just my fat ass killing it!!!!!!! Yeah boy going on a diet!!!!!!!
posted on: 09-24-16 @ 10:50 PM

I’m getting like an old woman laying in bed smoking weed I’ve got a small fridge next to my bed just reach in pull out cokes beer life is good but damn! Its fatning!
posted on: 09-24-16 @ 10:58 PM

Going to bed I’m tired peace folks.!
posted on: 09-25-16 @ 12:17 AM