Anyone Use These?

on 12.18.2010

Does anyone still use the Windows Media videos on the site? I have been thinking about taking them down, or phasing them out. I wanted to check to see if anyone was using them still. If so, just click to leave a comment. Let your voice be heard, or you might not see any videos anymore. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
If your talking about the few videos you post every day I look forward to them every day. Isnt that half of what the site is ??? Or am i a moron and have no idea what your talking about.
posted on: 12-18-10 @ 2:04 PM

Hey Jay, Are you talking about the video updates? I watch those everyday. Don't get rid of 'em!
posted on: 12-18-10 @ 2:32 PM

Jay, can you please explain what ya mean. I'm pretty sure you can't be talking about the daily video's. They get plenty of views. Other then that I have no idea what you mean.
posted on: 12-18-10 @ 3:18 PM

i say keep the wmv and put a link for the mp4 under it for the iphone crybabys
posted on: 12-18-10 @ 3:23 PM

are you telling me that there are people still using wmp instead of flash for internet video?
posted on: 12-18-10 @ 4:08 PM

I'm. Not. Sure?
posted on: 12-18-10 @ 5:25 PM

don't get rid of the daily videos i'm sure almost everyone watches them but few people leave a comment.
posted on: 12-18-10 @ 5:58 PM

nope keep the video updates and Media player... unless you have something to update to that everyone can use with less upload time.
posted on: 12-18-10 @ 9:46 PM

Might as well just shut the whole shit down without the videos. The hell if I know what my PCs using to view the shit. Please dont make us fuckers depend on efukt and stileproject for out daily sick fix. Actually i find much of it very beautifull and so do those unfortunate enough enough that I share the shit with. Just look at all the views............
posted on: 12-18-10 @ 11:22 PM

even on windows 7, i prefer the h.264/flash format.
posted on: 12-19-10 @ 12:33 AM

i have no clue what the fuck your talkin bout but i vote leave it alone i just got my pc to let me log back into my account by updating to windows 7 from xp and i dont know what that even means??????????
posted on: 12-19-10 @ 2:13 AM

Adam H.
On a video page, you have the option of flash player or media player. The default is flash player. Jay is asking if anyone clicks on media player and watches the videos with that.
posted on: 12-19-10 @ 10:33 AM

I believe I am using the flash option, but, Im sure many of the people watching use media player just cause its Windows default. Unless you have a counter for each style, and see Media not being used, I would suggest to keep it available.
posted on: 12-19-10 @ 11:40 AM

i just click the video and i plays so im guessing im using flash then.
posted on: 12-19-10 @ 1:20 PM

Hey Jay, I watch your vids everyday & I use Windows Media & So do all my buddies that I introduced to this amazing site as I'm sure many many others do, so please just leave the option available. I dont wanna get pissed off at one of my favorite sites.
posted on: 12-20-10 @ 2:45 AM

Well I think I do anyways...? Haha shit either way I know theres gotta be a shitload of ppl that do & if the vids dont work their lazy asses' are probably just gonna come to the conclusion that the site is "broke" & just give up. & that would really fucking suck man.
posted on: 12-20-10 @ 2:56 AM