A Great Man Called Jay

on 01.04.2011

I would like you all to know that Jay is a great man. Aside from being the coolest boss I've had, he has hooked me up quite nicely to start this year off. He knows I will come in the office whenever it fits my schedule, including all hours of the night, so he has loaded a PC with all the necessary software to update CrazyShit, and let me take it home. He also brought over a wireless router and set it up, so I can keep my Mac online in my room. And if this wasn't enough, he has blessed me with a big flat screen TV that was sitting around the office, as he of course has a much nicer one at his player's palace. You are a real special guy, Jay, and I appreciate your generosity. Thanks, brother. I would like to buy you a burrito. --Adam

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Suck up. "lulz!"
posted on: 01-04-11 @ 2:24 PM

...and all he gives me is...well...indegestion. I want mine too! Obama is president now! Give me something free!!!!! lol
posted on: 01-04-11 @ 2:32 PM

Nice... Can you pay off my mortgage. Shit !!!
posted on: 01-04-11 @ 5:06 PM

Be careful Jay, with some of the pictures Adam comes up with you might want to unroll that burrito first before you stick it in your mouth.
posted on: 01-04-11 @ 9:54 PM

Brown nose much?
posted on: 01-04-11 @ 10:55 PM

God bless Jay D. GOD BLESS HIM, I SAY! I've been thinking about making one of the 3 days of Stootchfeast in October "Jay Day" where we eat as much Mexican food as possible and sing "Ride My Horse". Then Mexi-shit pic submissions!
posted on: 01-05-11 @ 12:37 AM

Extravagant gifts from a superior, I think maybe you "have bought enough burrito" :) A good boss is like a hemorrhoid. A pain in the ass but you know he'll always be there.
posted on: 01-05-11 @ 1:12 AM

Hire me Jay!
posted on: 01-05-11 @ 2:06 AM

I'd say Jay knows he has a good thing with you Adam, and he needs a reliable employee and colleage he can trust to take over when he has R&R, you sit in there Mate and work your arse (ass) off for him and you'll see the rewards because Jay is that sort of person, you can see he has a kind heart when he does his Vids, he's a bit of a cute faced likable type fellow, not in a fag way.
posted on: 01-05-11 @ 6:18 AM

Jay D.
I love me some burritos! +1 for Adam on Jay Day, I like that! We should make that once every quarter...
posted on: 01-05-11 @ 7:12 AM

^Speak of the DEVIL
posted on: 01-05-11 @ 7:15 AM

He is my hero for having this site. It just makes my day to turn on the PC, grab some java and behold some of the selfless beauty people have given you guys to share with the world. I in turn share it with friends who think im a freak but oh well. Keep it comming guys ;)
posted on: 01-05-11 @ 12:09 PM