Reading About Whores

on 01.06.2011

Somehow I ended up in Atom's Diary of a Whore thread, and I'm hooked. If you're new to the forums and never read it, check it out. It's long, but if you just read his whore updates and scroll through all the other bullshit, it's well worth it. It's definitely the works of a mad scientist, and is entertaining, educational, and erotic. I actually got wood a couple times reading of his encounters. I've read about the first three whores and am excited to see what happens with the others, especially now that he's talking about upgrading the whorehouse. Atom is truly a disgusting man, and I love him for it. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Glad you like it!
posted on: 01-07-11 @ 12:12 AM

ive been reading this one (miserableconfessions.sensualwriter.com/) but it is very, very hard to read. its all on one page, backwards, etc. is there another blog to read this on?
posted on: 01-07-11 @ 11:14 PM