Fuck You, DVD!

on 01.18.2011

Last night I sat down to watch a movie, but these assholes who make the DVDs couldn't let it be that simple. First they want to show me some bullshit commercial about how pirating DVDs is the worst fucking possible thing you could ever do. Then they have about 10 fucking previews of some bullshit movies that I don't want to see. So why didn't I just skip right through them and go to the menu? Because the cock suckers wouldn't let me. The skip button did nothing and the menu button did nothing. I wanted to choke somebody. But I was able to fast forward through 14 fucking minutes of previews. I'd have been better off with a fucking VHS. Cock sucking sons of bitches! --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Poor guy - and the starving, homeless, freezing ppl living in the streets think they have it bad...... ---------------- j/k - fuck them
posted on: 01-18-11 @ 2:29 PM

rip it to your pc with dvd fab... doesnt do it then!
posted on: 01-18-11 @ 2:31 PM

Perfect time to get some!! 10 minutes...thats all a real woman needs to give fantastic head!
posted on: 01-18-11 @ 3:14 PM

Another realist statement by Adam H., I must have bitched about the very same thing over a thousand times by now, also the select screens are like playing a fucking arcade game trying to guess which fucking tab the cursor is on to play the movie, Totally agreed worth shooting some cunt over.
posted on: 01-18-11 @ 3:38 PM

If you're watching a movie with your mrs then THATS the time to play hide the sausage... You can get it up, get it in and get it out, just in time for the movie. My wife does this at the WRONG time which then results in me missing important plot lines and turns my popcorn from sweet, to salty
posted on: 01-19-11 @ 5:59 AM

^h4rdcor3, you really are a child, do you really think Adam's mind is as stupid as you have expected it to be to read and believe that comment, get a fucking life NEGATIVE NAZI, grow up for fucks sake, it's a DVD cock, you just pause it fuck and play, you damn queer fucker.
posted on: 01-19-11 @ 6:31 AM