So Hot And Tasty

on 01.25.2011

I'd like to take a minute to recognize something that is great and is always there for me when I need it. Hot sauce! I love me some hot sauce. Some are more tasty than hot, which is good, but some are just really damn hot, which is also good. It can clear out your sinuses and make your food taste better at the same time. But be careful if you just cut your fingernails. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Hot sauce is great, BUT, WHY THE FUCK haven't u all put up the video where Ben Roethlisberger gets fucked by Rashard Mendenhall???? Fucking faggs are Ben and the Steelers, Go packers.. well fuck them too. I just want them to win to show Bret Favre Green Bay can be successful without his ass.
posted on: 01-25-11 @ 12:59 PM

it wouldnt clear your sinuses if you put less sauce on that cock before ya suck it. does it help the taste any or inhance it?
posted on: 01-25-11 @ 2:52 PM

Hot Sauce turned me into a drug dealer, it all started back when I was only about twenty, I would go to the bar every night and drink plenty of rum and eat potatoe chips with locally made birds eye HOT CHILLY SAUCE, the more I ate the more I drank, after a while the money ran out and I had to sell drugs so I could buy grog and sit at the bar and eat these highly addictive chip with HOT SAUCE, it all ended when I finally got HEMROIDS...LOL
posted on: 01-27-11 @ 5:58 AM